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Urban Pollution Article Writing: What Is The Article About? (Term Paper Sample)


This articles can be found in the American Perspectives e-book.
As you are reading these articles and writing your paper, you must be able to answer the following questions:
What is the article about?
What is the author trying to say or argue?
What are your views on the topic or subject of the article you have chosen to read and write about?
These papers must be at least three pages or more in length. Your paper should be typed and double spaced, and you must use a Times New Roman font of 12. There should also be a title page and one-inch margins should be utilized through out the paper. I also do not want to see any quotes or quotations of any kind. One-inch margins should be utilized throughout each paper.


Urban pollution
Americans experienced different changes, especially at the beginning of the eighteenth century. An article by the Daily Evening Journal dated on Friday 8, December 1854 reflects upon the period between 1830 to 1850 whereby the increased engagement between news and politics and commerce resulted in the expansion of the press. Several newspapers, including penny dailies, Sunday weeklies, partisan political newspapers, sensational crime newspaper battled to meet consumer niche (McGaughy 448).
With two events of industrialization combined with immigration going hand in hand, there was increased anxiety about people's views about the increased vices like crime, pollution, and other new changes. One of the severe consequences of urbanization was the pollution of the mind that came along with urbanization. According to the Sunday Journal, rural lives became ideal as cities were filled with pollution from all aspects including pollution from factories, to pickpockets, unscrupulous traders, and prostitution. The article published in Worcester is among the many articles that highlighted the intersection of immigration that led to vices like corruption within the municipal (McGaughy 449).
The article recounts the enormities committed against the moral feeling of the whole city by the mayor during that time. Laws permitted violators to go unpunished, and the public cried against these outrages. However, the city mayor did nothing to address these complaints. The mayor accused his people of falsehood in their statement. In reality, crime had doubled to 583 cases in eleven months. The author believed that to restore the city lost glory would be through the ballot box. For years, the article admitted that citizens had elected rum mayors. Therefore, the people put these men in office; they are by no means guilty. The article called for citizens to elect leaders who will be true upon every question of morality (McGaughy 450).
Similarly, an article by Geoffrey Stone talks about the second great awakening, wh

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