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Gender as Portrayed in A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen (Research Paper Sample)


Must be Based on the plays: Trifles, Oedipus the King, or A Dolls House. I need 5 pages (not including works cited page).


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Gender as Portrayed in A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.

Many people in different societies still have the conventional way of thinking regarding how women and men should behave in the society. Certain societies expect women to behave in a certain way as contrary to men (Bradley 45). However, such traditional believes on the gender role has become so irrelevant in our modern and civilized society (O’Neil 12). This is based on the fact that gender is regarded as social constructs which have developed over time and therefore they are not based on the common human behavior. It is also due to the fact that gender role has evolved as evidenced by how different gender does different jobs which initially they were not doing (Freeman 34). For instance, in education women are currently doing Engineering causes which were traditionally known to be a course for the male students. The issue of gender has brought many controversies as some people believed that the conventional gender role has been in place for a longer period hence there should be no need for change (Bradley 12). Whereas, other believe that due to the negative impact of traditional gender role, people need to change their perception on the gender role by accepting the modern changes which have been taking place in the current world (Freeman 46). Based on my understanding of the issue of gender I support the idea of people changing their minds on the gender roles. Therefore, this paper explores the topic of gender as portrayed in the play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.

Summary of the play

Nora Helmer in A Doll’s Hose is a woman who is in a wifely comfort since all her life she had been ruled by either her father or her husband, Torvald. It’s not until her marriage was tested that she started having questions on everything she had believed in all her life. She had managed to save her husband’s life by borrowing money from a man known for his cruelty by successfully forging his father’s signature so as to make her husband believe that the money was borrowed from her father. Her husband was ailing and needed immediate medical attention. However, she had no idea on how to pay back the money to Krogstad.

The play starts on Christmas Eve. Her husband comes home with good news of him being promoted at work meaning he would be having a larger salary and be powerful. Nora is excited since she finally sees a way of finally being able to pay back her loan. However, her happiness doesn't last long since Krogstad approaches her regarding his position at her husband's workplace that had been promised to Mrs. Linde. Since her husband is the new manager of the bank, Krogstad wants Nora to convince him not to replace him or else he would reveal to him about their secret. Using all the feminine tricks she knows, she tries to persuade her husband not to replace Krogstad unsuccessfully. Trovald is tired of his corrupt morals thus making Nora more worried. The following day, Nora stays nervous in the house fearing that Krogstad would appear any minute. Preparations for a fancy dress night calm her down a bit. When her husband returns from work, she still tries to convince him to allow Krogstad keep his position at work but instead, he goes ahead to send a notice of termination to him assuring her that he was ready to defend them against any predicament from whosoever. Trovald's statement consoles her a bit as she starts to think that the occurrence would trans

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