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The Gender And Media Problems With The Movie Miss Congeniality (Essay Sample)


This 1 page assignment will deal with the gender and media problems with the movie Miss Congeniality. The gender issue is does makeover movies such as Miss Congeniality send the wrong message about body acceptance.
This assignment is for a Media and Gender class.
Introduction –First Draft: After group consultation and discussion in for Assignment #1, each student will draft a one –two page introduction describing the background and gender problem or issue with a specific media product. This introduction will be based on the work of the research team but each student will draft his/her own introduction. (A rewritten version of this introduction will be used as the introduction for the final paper.) This introduction will include citations and a formal works cited page with a minimum of six entrees that may include references suggested by members of the research team or new references you uncovered on your own, MLA style citations. While you may use sources your teammates provided from Assignment #1, the responsibility for correct citation is up to you.
Here is a a little background information,---> this is directions from a previous assignment. Step 1: Review the topic list for this course located near the end of this syllabus and choose a potential topic.Form an interview team ---each team should have 3-5 researchers on the team committed to gathering interviews based on a shared topic and research questions, transcribing interviews, and sharing these with the other members of the team. Uses and Gratifications is an approach to understanding the effect of popular media, which places more focus on the audience and assumes that people take an active role in selecting, interpreting, and integrating media into their lives. Your group may choose to explore how gender affects responses to a specific film, television series, advertisement, web program, etc., the impact that gender can have on the interpretation of a particular media text, or other relevant question.
Continue background info --->In consultation with your team/group, narrow the topic to a major focus. (In some cases specific media are provided. In others you may need to resolve the specific media example and question you are researching.) Summarize the problem about gender portrayal this media exhibits with special concern to how this media might have an impact on audience understanding of gender roles. Construct a list of five DIFFERENT questions about audience interpretation of this media that this topic inspires and a list of additional sources related to this topic (magazine articles, books, other media). Each member of the group must contribute three additional sources, in MLA citation. These should be different from the research guides in this syllabus, but cited in a similar manner. Each person on the team will upload their own version of Assignment #1 to Canvas.
I only need a rough draft page done. If any additional info is needed please let me know. thanks.


Gender and media problems.
Media plays a major role in creating social norms that is why gender stereotype is alive because it is perpetuated by the media. Gender roles are pushed by many forms of media especially films. Films creates a certain type of message to manipulate people's attitude and opinion (Scharrer, and Ramasubramanian 173).
The movie industry is known for portraying images of women, which perpetuate unrealistic and stereotypical view of women (Holtzman 126). Makeover movies have become the standard storyline of many Hollywood films, distorting women's image using makeover scenes. Women are tailored to fit within the acceptable standards of an ideal woman (Steinhoff 55).
The movie Miss congeniality reinforces gender stereotypes sending the wrong message about body acceptance. This movie is about a female FBI field agent who goes undercover to contest as a beauty pageant (Greer 338). Before going undercover, the main character in the movie Gracie is stereotyped in many forms, during her makeover scene she is transformed to fit the profile for a stereotypical beauty pageant queen to enhance the enhance the story

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