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Perceptions Of Victim's Gender: Physical Violence (Essay Sample)


In this Discussion, you review the literature on the differences in perceptions of male and female victims of physical abuse crimes, and analyze how differing perceptions affect a victim's willingness to report his or her victimization to the police. Select a case from the media or literature that illustrates differences in perceptions of male victims versus female victims.


Perceptions of Victim's Gender
Perceptions of Victim's Gender
There are different perceptions when it comes to gender differences in terms of physical abuse. It is highly assumed that men are more of perpetrators than victims, yet there are as many men who are physically abused by women. A case of a male victim who suffered psychological and physical abuse from his wife was published in The Globe and Mail as one of the many cases of male victims who suffer in the hands of their spouses yet receive no or little support from the society (Bielski, 2017).
Male victims of physical violence are perceived differently than women victims of the same, whereby female perpetrators are viewed to be defending themselves while male perpetrators are viewed as initiators of the violence (Roberto, McCann, & Brossoie, 2013). In the case of the male victim mentioned above, the perception was that he must have done something wrong to the perpetrator that's why he was being abused

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