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Gender and Victimization (Essay Sample)


The Assignment (2–3 pages):
Explain factors related to gender that might have contributed to the vulnerability of the victim.
Explain factors related to gender that might have played a role in the type of crime committed against the victim.
Explain how the victims' experiences with the criminal justice system might vary based on the gender of each victim.


Gender and Victimization
Gender and Victimization
Factors related to gender that might have contributed to the vulnerability of the victim
In the video, Guffson states that her husband has been violent towards her and often beats her. However, he has never forced himself on her in their marriage. But on that fateful day, he did force himself into her, eventually raping her. Occurrences such as this are common in several marriages and there are several factors that lead to these kinds of domestic violence and spousal rape. One of the major factors is cultural practices that have regarded women to be lesser human beings compared to men (García-Moreno et al., 2015). These cultures treat women as objects that are under the control of men who can do whatever they please to the women. In the end, men live knowing that they can treat women as they like; even physically abuse them because they believe their cultures give them the right to do so. Lower levels of education also put women at greater risk of violence. Lower levels of education among the perpetrators drive them to commit violence against women because they are not well informed about how they are supposed to treat their women (García-Moreno et al., 2015). Unemployment among women also makes them vulnerable to violence. They are dependent on their men for their survival as they cannot fend for themselves. The men in turn treat them the way they feel because they know that these women do not have a way out. Additionally, when the society promotes attitudes that condone violence against women, there will be several instances of abuse.
Factors related to gender that might have played a role in the type of crime committed against the victim
In the video, the type of crime that was comm

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