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Autism In Children - A Brain Development Disorder (Research Paper Sample)


About autism children's research paper 3 pages, 3 references.


Autism in Children
Autism is a brain development disorder that typically affects how an individual communicates, socializes, and interacts with others in a variety of settings. It is often characterized by the presence of repetitive and limited patterns of behavior. Although this condition typically develops and emerges in early childhood, its implications are far-reaching, seeing as it even affects how individuals function in society after they become adults (Brereton 27). Unfortunately, there is no established cure for the autistic disorder, but early and intensive treatment can make it significantly manageable, and in doing so makes a huge difference to the quality of life that many who suffer from it live not only as children but also as adults in the future (Willis 23).
At present, one of the main causes of autism disorder has been established to be genetics. Research has demonstrated that genetics play a significant role in the development of autism disorder among children (Brereton 59). In a significant number of children with autism, genetic disorders such as fragile X syndrome and Rett syndrome have also been identified, essentially associating such genetic disorders to the development of autism disorder. At the same time, genetic mutations have also been touted as possible causes of autism onset among children, regardless of whether said mutations are spontaneous or inherited (Matson 132). It is also worth noting that genetic composition has also been known to determine the success of brain development and the severity of symptoms among autistic children. Although environmental factors such as medication, viral infections, vaccines, and pregnancy complications have been identified as possible causes of autism disorder among children, concrete evidence is yet to be established on the accuracy of said claims.
Some of the common symptoms of autism displayed by children in early infancy include reduced eye contact, indifference to caregivers, and even an inability to or lack of response to their name when called. Unlike many other illnesses, it should be noted that autistic children do not all exhibit the same symptoms (Matson 42). Instead, each child is likely to have a different level of severity and pattern of behavior that is unique to themselves alone. Many of these symptoms range from low to high functioning depending on the child in question.
Other common symptoms among autistic children are lower than standard intelligence as well as a significant degree of difficulty learning (MacKenzie31). In exact contrast to this set of symptoms, other children exhibit normal to high levels of intelligence and as such, they have little to no difficulty l

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