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Analyzing Argument Usage Of Ethos, Pathos And Logos (Essay Sample)


writer need to read the article which I upload on this web, after read this article, writer needs to analyze this article. you need use "ethos, logos and pathos" to analysis. this is two pages essay, not include the work cited. writer do not have to use other resources, only this article. Please finish before 1/24 20:00, this is my due time.


Analyzing usage of ethos, pathos and logos
The article by Rahim Moradi is on an academic research conducted to see how computer games can be incorporated into teaching children with autism mathematical concepts (Moradi). In the article Rahim Moradi shows the effects of computer games on those children. The author begins by stating how difficult it is to teach such children. Throughout the article, the three main ingredients of persuasion have been employed. These are pathos, ethos and logos. This essay will look at the three forms of persuasion in analyzing the article.
This being a paper on academic research, ethos is the main technique being employed. The whole paper is basically ethos-based. The author has gone to great lengths to describe the research they were conducting. This the author uses to show credibility of his assertions. The fact that the research is academic in nature, conducted in a university and uses recognizable and approved methods of research goes a long way to establish his credibility in the subject. The author utilizes experimental and control groups, statistical analysis and other appropriate research methods. Also, he is a PhD student studying educational technology (Moradi). All these are ethos being utilized in a very effective way.
In the paper, the author has also used pathos and logos. Logos, being the use of logic to appeal to readers, can be noted throughout the article. The author uses pathos to explain the ideas behind the research. He also uses it to explain the research procedures and the finding

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