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Ten Commandments: Does Music Have The Ability To Change A Mood? (Essay Sample)


14. Does music do more to set a mood or is it a reflection of a mood already in place? Things to consider: Does music have the ability to change a mood? Can it establish an atmosphere? Does it have the power to dictate what a person should feel and how they should behave? For an example: If you are sad at a party, can the upbeat music of that situation change your state of mind and mood, or at the very least, force to conform to the collect tone of the environment? Explain your reasoning and defend your choice.


Name: Xuanchen Zhang
Professor: Jennifer Lee
Course: CMP-120-H1
Date:February 8, 2018
Effect of Music on the Mood
Music is a piece of art, often accompanied by intense beats and sometimes instruments. Music can involve the brain thus influences the mood by engaging emotion, attention, memory, and perhaps learning. The creation of a regular musical suite is, therefore, necessary to step up particular brain functions (Zatorre and Robert 312). Music, for instance, warms up bored students when they listen to lively music. Another illustration is that of a mother and her new born child when she sings to her little one; the infant often gets to smile or laugh even though they were crying. The impact of music on the mood and its ability to set an atmosphere form the backbone of this paper.
Music does more to set the mood of the listener. It does so by producing a set of useful biological molecules such as dopamine upon the music beat and sound. The neurotransmitter is secreted upon the peak of emotions created through listening to music (Zatorre and Robert, 312). The secretion occurs in the brain thus creating pleasure. As such, music majorly stimulates a couple of sentiments pivoted in mind as opposed to the widespread view that emotions are generated in the heart (Zatorre and Robert, 312). An insight in the relationship between music, the brain, and the heart is apply in create mutual understanding between different individuals. Informative music can also be used to enhance emotional perception in children with autism. Emotions such as anguish, pain, sadness, and bitterness can be evoked through music.
Preparing an audience for a particular event for what they are about to see requires the use of music set in the particular atmosphere. For instance, the film music is used to get the audience into the movie mood. Music scenes, images, the background, pace, brightness, and pitch is used to set the atmosphere for a particular movie at the cinemas. A film shot in the outer space, for example, may be preceded by music with a variety of sound effects, high-pitched acrimonious music may be preferred for a desert scene since it highlights the harsh and stringent conditions in the desert (Zatorre and Robert, 312). Whatever what kind of music, it all reflects the specific meaning that is conveyed in the movie.
Music can also set the atmosphere by filling in the blank spaces. This is typically the case at interviews and the documentaries where the viewer is unable to link the film to present times. The music acco

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