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Analyzing a Play. Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research paper on a one of Henrik Ibsen play.


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Analyzing a Play. Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen is one of the most decorated playwrights whose works and contribution to literature are still reenacted in theatres around the world as he continues to attract audience post humus. It was during his self-imposed exile in Italy that Henrik achieved his breakthrough and gained global recognition from his genius ability in theatrical works through works such as Brand, Peer Gynt, and A Doll's House. In each of the cutting edge literature pieces, Henrik ironically depicts the moral decay or unethical behaviors that are characteristic of his societal background and the entire universe at large. He acts as a moral police seeking to provoke or challenge individuals to initiate social reforms by shunning hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. He is angling for a society that is more open-minded and accommodative to new and opposing ideas unlike the audience back at Bergen that would not take diverse theatrical expressions and representations of the daily societal life. Henrik uses irony and mockery to expose the dishonesty through which individuals exist or carry on their daily life activities and challenges them to be truthful to themselves for peaceful coexistence and real happiness in life.
Born in the year 1862 on March 20 as the firstborn of five siblings in Oslo, Norway, Henrik showed no signs of his theatrical prowess that would gain him national recognition in his later years (Biography). During his childhood in Oslo, formerly Christiana, the Norwegian playwright industry was more inclined to the moral appreciation of stage acts in conformity to the middle-class demands of the time. It was the unfortunate turn of events with his family's finances that pushed young Ibsen at age 15 to move away from home and fend for his future. On failing to join the university Henrik came up with his first play named Catilina which showcased his hidden talent for theatrical works even though it did not do well (Adams). At the age of 23, he landed a job at a newly launched theatre as a director and its playwright in Bergen. However, the middle-classism of the time and his fellow countrymen's opposition to idealism frustrated his more radical, independe

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