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Non-verbal Eye Contact Research Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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6. A logical conceptual flow.


Non-verbal Eye Contact
Eye contact is considered to be natural, normal and healthy. In fact, infants tend to gaze into others' eyes, but most of the adults who seem to be having a fairly good interpersonal communication skills tend to have little knowledge about important nonverbal behavior. In nonverbal communication, the face is the most important part of the body while the eyes (eyebrows, eyelids, and region around the eyes) is the most crucial part of the face. In the science of body language, eyes play a significant role with most people enquiring whether a good eye contact means one has to look into the eyes of the other person directly. The answer to this question is “NO” because if one stares directly into another person's eye or switches back and forth, it becomes psychologically intense. The interpretation is always different depending on the other person such as anger, deception or predatory behavior. The eye sends different messages depending on the situation (Lewis). As Ralph Waldo Emerson says “an eye can threaten like a loaded gun; or can insult like a hissing and kicking; or in its altered mood, by beams of kindness, make the heart dance with joy.”
Eye contact is defined as looking semi-randomly in areas surrounding the eyes of two centimeters. Therefore, it is crucial for not to stare at one's forehead or mouth because it will send different messages such as sexual interest hence the reason why the word semi-randomly is used. However, taking e

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