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Cell Phones: How Have they Changed us Socially (Research Paper Sample)


• Write a multi-page research paper. • Develop a thesis of a narrowly focused topic to research that will enhance your life (again, focus is imperative). • Paraphrase, summarize, and quote ideas from other sources (no more than 1-2 short quotes per page). Ninety-five percent (95%) of this paper will be written in your words. • Document sources in text with signal phrases and on a separate works cited page using MLA format. • Maintain a more formal, academic tone and avoid the personal “I” pronoun.

Cell Phones: How Have They changed us socially
The use of cell phones in the world of toady has become the order of the day. With the dynamics and the regular changes in technology, there have been more improvements in cell phones that have enhanced efficiency in our communication. Moreover, the use of cell phones has been increasing and rampant among all the young and the old in the society. This has however changed our social lives in a many ways especially on how we interact and relate with others. This argument is grounded on cell phones and their impact in our social lives.
Communication is very vital in our lives and therefore it helps us link with other individuals and therefore makes it easier to conduct our operations in life. Besides, communication via cell phones has been the simplest and cheapest methods in comparison to the methods of communication (Szumski 19). Furthermore, cell phones facilitate communication between people who are far away in terms of distance and ensure that there is immediate feedback. In this regard, individuals have been able to share information with others who might be miles away from them. This will make the life of people easy in comparison to the past when the use of cell phones was not common.
On the other hand, cell phones has enhanced the way people social with other in social media platforms. These gadgets have been designed in a way that they can be used as computers and therefore social media platforms like face book, twitter among others have been used to link and interact many individuals and hence this has created a good rapport among many (Kolb 89). This has been evident as we have seen people from different regions communicating and sharing ideas in social media platforms. For example, face book has been widely used by large numbers in the world.
In terms of business, cell phones can be regarded as one of the contributors to the success of most businesses. This is because business people have used these gadgets to communicate with their counterparts and helping them especially in transacting their businesses in an easy way. Moreover, it has also enabled us to conduc...
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