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British Literature Evaluation Of Novel Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Use a nineteenth century novel as an examination of the the British class system, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
Include a formal outline in addition to page requirement
Use literary criticism.


Use a nineteenth century novel as an examination of the British class system, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
Background on the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen focusing on the Bennet sisters, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy.
Interactions between the upper class men and low or middle class women.
Social class and interaction among those from the same social strata.
Gender and inequality
Women’s role in public restricted and had few opportunities.
Family connections, rank, wealth and power influenced how men and women interacted.
Women marrying up to gain social and financial status were common.
Women were subordinate to men in the society even among the upper classes
Men inherited property and titles.
Marriage and social class
Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist of the story was not intimidated by the powerful and wealthy members of societies.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh sought to arrange marriage between her daughter and nephew because they were of the same social class.
Tension and apprehension between the upper class young men and their middle class love interests.
Class consciousness and people’s interactions
Rank and power influenced who people associated with, where those with high ranks and wealth had more political power and commanded respect.
Social stratification meant that people mostly associated with those like them, and little exposure and interaction with those from different social class groups.
Upper class men were reluctant to marry poorer women as this would affect their reputations and social standing.
Marrying for love versus social and financial security
The Bennet sisters believed love was necessary and important in marriage, regardless of how wealthy the groom was.
Many women sought richer men to gain financial security and prestige as marriage was more like a transaction.
Family members also decisions on who the groom and bride married.
People were born into prestige and did not necessarily earn their rank and prestige
People inherited rank, money and power and social system was rigid.
People inherited their positions through birth.
The upper class also inherited large tracks land because of their bloodlines.
Desire to appear wealthy
The financial circumstances of various individuals in the novel are highlighted
Many sought to be associated with the powerful because the upper class had more social, political and financial power
Mobility was difficult because of the rigidity of the social structure
Rank, power and wealth were markers of social stratification in nineteenth century British society.
Men mainly inherited wealth and titles and women aspired to marry such men.
The upper classes sought to maintain their ranks and even as they mainly inherited what they had.

The novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen focuses on the lives of five unmarried Bennet sisters in the 19th century preparing for a ball, honoring Mr. Charles Bingley who is wealthy and single. The sisters meet Bingley‘s friend Mr. Darcy, who is aloof, arrogant and rarely talks to anyone unless when necessary. The story is set in the Victorian times shows how class differences influenced people interacted and were treated by others in the society. The Bennet sisters would not inherit property in case their father died that would most likely go to their male relatives. Pride and Prejudice highlights the class system in 19th century British society where rank, status and power affected social relations, marriage, wealth inheritance and social status in the society.
In eighteenth and nineteenth century, British women had fewer economic ...

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