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Rock Art History: Paintings By Tassili N'ajjer, Algeria (Research Paper Sample)


Paper 2 – Research PaperFormat: 5-pages, 1” margins, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman or equivalent Write research paper on one of the following topics. 1. Performance of the Human and Divine: Headdress: Male Antelope (Ci Wara), 19th-early 20th century; Headdress: Female Antelope (Ci Wara), 19th-early 20th century [Gallery 350] Write a research paper discussing the realistic and abstract aspects of Ci Wara headdresses. What is being represented by the realistic and abstract elements of the headdresses? In responding make sure to address the religious and performative functions of the headdresses, as well as the use of animals as iconographic symbols in African visual arts. 2. Benin, European Contact and Colonization: Box with the depiction of a European in a boat, Benin 19th-20th century; Benin Palace Plaques [Gallery 352] Write a research paper explaining the European influence on the arts of Benin, exemplified by the Benin Palace Plaques. Consider the political and economic transformations resulting from Benin's involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. What political goals were expressed in the palace plaques? You may compare them to other cases we have considered of the political role of art. 3. Rock Art: Paintings at Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria [pp. 542-3, Gardner's Art Through the Ages] Write a research paper exploring the category of rock art, exemplified by the paintings at Tassili n'Ajjer. How should we understand the goals of rock art within their social context? How do these images depict space and employ narrative? Consider how they represent the relationship between humans and animals. Begin your research by reviewing the relevant pages in your textbook. Your essay should entail an argument, an introduction and conclusion, a thesis and method statement, and transitions between paragraphs. Your paper should strive to integrate well-researched historical argument with close formal description. Ground your argument in visual and textual evidence. You must reference specific details in the works of art discussed, as well as present close formal/descriptive analysis in support of your argument/thesis. Quotations from textual sources must be properly introduced and analyzed. Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. It should have a title of your own devising. Underline or italicize the titles of art works, and always include the date of the work the first time you mention it. Refer to the artist by his or her full name the first time you mention him or her, then by the last name only in the rest of the paper. All quotations and paraphrased material must be properly footnoted and cited. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the paper and the class. Your paper must include a bibliography. You should aim for no spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes. For other style matters, please follow the Chicago-Turabian guidelines. Remember that you must turn in every paper to pass the course. No late papers or emailed papers will be accepted.


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Rock Art: Paintings by Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria
Tassili-n-Ajjer in Algeria is one of the richest rock-art in the world. The composition of this Park goes beyond the scopes of natural heritage diversities as one of the world heritage site dated in 1982 categorized as a protected area. It composes of biological diversity, archaeological importance, and geological formation and most importantly to this essay, the prehistoric rock art. Tassili-n-Ajjer National Park is located in the southeast of Algeria and borders other national parks such as the Ahaggar to the south of the Algerian map (Anderson, Helen, 287).
The topographical nature of Tassili-n-Ajjer is largely vast and sandstone tableland that depicts the nature of the Sahara desert standing in the controversial contract of life and the semi-arid desert it has become. The park hosts over 15,000 rock paintings and engravings in the gorges. The arts in the rocks comprise of pictures of wild and domestic animals, humans, geometric designs, and plants and tree. Additionally, large animals such as the giraffes, ostriches, lions are very evident in the Tassili-n-Ajjer Rock art (Dumont, Henri, pp. 4).
Categories of rock arts
The categorization of the Tassili-n-Ajjer rock arts differs from one researcher to another because there are no clear guidelines on various mechanisms of categorizing the art rocks (Froese, Gastón Guzmán, and Guzmán-Dávalos, pp. 107). However, the essay gives an elaborate chronological categorization based on dates the rocks were first obtained through the chronology adopted remains a subject to future amendments.
Large wild Fauna period
These arts comprised of the entire engravings occurring along a 30 Km and dated during 12,000BP – c 6000B. They cover much of the Sahara regions. The images on the rocks represent large animals that indicate naturalistically the animals that lived in fertile parts the Sahara region. Examples include Elephants, rhino, giraffe, Bubalus, aurochs, large antelopes, and few geometric designs.
Round figure arts
These categories consist of paintings in its entirety. They expose the oldest paintings in Africa. For instances, one human figure stands over five meters and another in three and a half. It explores the finest paintings in the Tassili-n-Ajjer that is located the east of Djanet. Evidently, these round paintings try to portray strange people with round features heads and formless bodies.
Pastoral period art
This category comprises both paintings and engravings that started in isolated areas and then spread rapidly through the Sahara desert during 9,500 BP - c 7,000 BP. Socially, these categories of arts depict different pictur

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