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News Article About The Montreal Protocol Meeting Held In Canada This Year (Article Sample)


The Montreal protocol meeting was held this month, now we need to write a news article from the perspective of UNDP China(United Nations Programme) to report this meeting. Mainly focusing on what UNDP China will do for protecting the ozone layer in the future. What this MP meeting mainly discussed? What outcome did this meeting have? The report mainly write about the work and endeavors UNDP China did for protecting the ozone layer.
you could go to the website for more information.
Information on ExCom can be accessed through, when you get to the Home Page, you can click around to explore various information. However, the main area of information is under the “Meeting Documents” tab. When you click on this tab, you have choice of “Current Meeting” which contains all documents for the current meeting, and if click on “Meeting Archive” you can access to every ExCom meetings by meeting number. By clicking on a particular meeting, all the documents for that particular meeting can be accessed.


The Montreal Protocol Meeting Held in Canada This Year
Institutional Affiliation
The Montreal Protocol Meeting Held in Canada This Year
23 November 2017- UNDP China past achievements
UNDP China has made great steps towards implementing the first phase HCFCs Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) whereby it has attained the objective of 10 percent decline of HCFCs by 2015 and currently executing the second phase of HPMP for the 35percent decline of HCFCs by 2020. Moreover, the Chinese Government has been to offer more than a 100 conventions and policies, and supported execution and enforcements of regulations and laws to ensure threat ODS productions and usage is gradually phased

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