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Point Eve Is At A High Risk Of Developing Heart Diseases (Essay Sample)


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Eve’s case study
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Working overtime especially for students is increasingly becoming a habit in the United States, whereby people are spending more hours each day studying while ignoring other aspects of life. The practice has arisen due to the need to achieve more within a little time even when is unnecessary. It is joyous when an individual makes essential steps in their lives through hard work, but the same dedication and increased handwork threatens one’s health. Everyone, particularly Eve, in this case, knows that her studying habit is bad for her. Nevertheless, she like most people, fail to listen. Consequently, she is at risk of developing health-related problems such as heart diseases and chronic anxiety syndrome.
Point-Eve is at a high risk of developing heart diseases.
Introduction- An individual’s choice of lifestyle is the primary contributor to developing heart diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Among teenagers, cardiovascular diseases have increased remarkably due to the various lifestyle choices of choosing unhealthy diets comprising of unsaturated fat, junk food, sugary drinks and caffeine in the place of a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits. Secondly, according to Alice Park’s article, about fifty percent of the teenagers live inactive lifestyles lacking in physical exercise or movement. Additionally, lack of proper sleep for an average of eight hours and rest also raises the risk of heart diseases (Park, 2013, Apr 01, pp. 1).
Explanation- Eve lifestyle as described in the text makes her a likely victim of heart diseases. First, enrolling in among others, advanced placement and honors level courses, membership to twelve clubs and engaging in two games overwork her. As a result, she is continuously tired causing her poor choices of food. Her survival on eating cereals increases the risk of developing heart diseases by making her part of the 80 percent teenagers who feed on a poor diet. According to Alice Park’s article, the cereals diet is high in sugar, carbohydrates and low in key nutrients of fruits and vegetables (Park, 2013, Apr 01, pp. 1). Additionally, her dependence on coffee, a sweetened drink to get by and keep sleep away increases her chances of suffering from dehydration, increased glucose levels and addiction, which according to Park’s article are risk factors to heart diseases. Moreover, her constant behavior of sleeping for two hours harms the body. Melissa Abramovitz observes that sleep is a necessity to an individual's life. When Eve sleeps for two hours, she causes sleep debt and stress, which changes the functioning of her brain by exchanging the clock regulator, then raising among others her weakness to high blood pressure (Abramovitz, 2003, Feb 2, pp.1).
Point- Another potential health problem Eve faces is chronic anxiety.
Introduction- Anxiety refers to a mental health disorder that occurs due to increased stress, which alters the amygdala part of the brain that controls one’s emotions. According to Jane Brody, stressful events in a student’s life such as performing in school and too much work can lead one into psychological problems such as anxiety (Brody, 2003, Aug 26, pp. 1). Further, she stresses that persistent worrying characterized by worrying too much about everything such as bad grades and becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work, just as Eve is, results in an individual overthinking and developing feelings of anxiety and panic that makes it challenging to carry out daily activities.
Explanation- Eve is prone to develop chronic anxiety if her situation does not change. Eve already presents with symptoms of anxiety whereby in the text, she describes her worry when she fails to get an A grade. Jane Brody confirms that various situations can send a ...
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