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American Government: Roman Republic And The Calvinist Republic (Research Paper Sample)


The Issue: To research, and discover credible reliable information and be able to ascertain the truth and not be manipulated or persuaded without being educated.
Research: Research ALL the following sections. Please refer to the syllabus for all requirements, formats, and due date.
Analysis: Please research, site examples and analyze all sections by using multiple political sources from different political perspectives. The more thorough the research paper, the better chance of receiving a higher grade.
Section 1: DISCUSS forms of Government (Do not quote, or give definitions)
A. Communism B. Marxist
C. Socialism D. Monarchy
E. Republic F. Dictator
G. Totalitarianism H. Tyranny
I. Anarchy
Section 2: Historical Documents. Research and discuss federalist papers, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Limits, and Constitution. Include 1 -3 in your discussion
http://thomas(dot)loc(dot)gov/ http://archives(dot)gov/
1. Date(s) of Document:
2. Author(s) of Document:
3. What was the purpose, goal or intent?
Section 3: Discuss federalism and give an example, maybe even a court case.
Section 4: Finances/ Budget. Discuss the following.
a. Federal Reserve
b. Free Market
c. State and National Debt
d. Government (Federal and State) Spending.
5. Discuss the following using factual information only:
a. NDAA/Patriot Act/NSA
b. Border Security/ Chain Migration/ Lottery

Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.


Students Name:
American Government
Section one
Institutions that can either be legal or political with authority to make decisions on behalf of members of the society to ensure order is maintained are known as Governments. The various types of governments include Communism, Marxist, Socialism, Monarchy, Republic, Dictator, Tyranny, Anarchy and Totalitarianism (Thomas, n.p).
It's a system of government in which supreme authority is vested on an individual, usually a hereditary figure. Some of the examples throughout history of countries that had monarchies include Sweden with King Charles VII, France with King Louis XIV, Russia with the Czars and most memorable of them all being Ivan the Terrible. Current Monarchs include Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is however important to note that monarchies can be categorized into absolute and constitutional monarchs depending on the powers bestowed (Thomas, n.p). The current rule in the UK by Queen Elizabeth is a good example of a constitutional monarch. Absolute monarchs on the other hand had full authority to make decisions and pass judgments on their own as was the case in Russia under the rule of Ivan IV.
In this type of government the supreme power rests on the citizens who are entitled to vote and the power is exercised by representatives elected by the citizens either directly or indirectly. One of the very first of this type of government was in Carthage, North Africa. Further examples in history include the Roman republic and the Calvinist republic (Thomas, n.p).
Governments ruled by oppressive and cruel leaders who claim absolute power by being brutal and instilling fear on the people. Some examples of this type of government include Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Henry VIII of England, and Rome's Caligula among others (Thomas, n.p).
It was characterized by lack of recognition for individual's rights to freedom. Adolf Hitler's reign in Nazi Germany is one vivid example. They usually work on achieving specific set out goals like acquiring new lands through conquering. Others include Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and Benito Mussolini of Italy (Thomas, n.p).
Cuba under Fidel Castro, North Korea, China under Mao Zedong are some examples of the communist governments where the property and major industries in transportation and manufacturing are owned by the government which in turn shares the benefits equally to the people (Thomas, n.p).
Marxism, named after Karl Marx is identified by maintaining balance between all social classes and basically that there should be no classes in society (Thomas, n.p). For instance, replacing private properties with cooperative ownership.
This form of government can be seen in Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. It's characterized by equal ownership of the factors of production like labor and natural resources by the people in the society. However, the share of production depends on individual contribution (Thomas, n.p). Other countries include Netherlands, New Zealand and Belgium.
This is a society that does not recognize the need for a government or laws. There is no control and there are usually political and social disorders. Somalia in Africa is a very good example of a country that thrived in anarchy (Thomas, n.p).
Section 2: Historical Documents
Declaration of Independence
This is the statement adopted on July 4, 1776 that announced independence of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain...

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