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HIS391 Asian Studies: Reasons And Significance Of Zheng Hes Expedition (Research Paper Sample)


University at Buffalo, SUNY HISTORY 391 / ASIAN STUDIES 391 China in the World Fall 2017 Guidelines for your paper prospectus, first draft, blog post, and final paper The paper assignment is a chance for you to explore a topic of particular interest to you, making use of both primary and secondary sources if possible (no need to read Chinese—many primary sources are available in English translation, and I will help you track them down). Prospectus: By October 30, you should hand in paper copy of your prospectus. The prospectus explains what historical question you hope to answer and how you will study that question. Begin the prospectus with the question or questions you are interested in, then explain briefly why you think the question or questions is/are significant (reference to some of the reading we have done for class would be good here!) Then discuss what kind of sources will help you answer the question(s). Your prospectus should include a list of sources at the end: at least ten articles and books that are relevant to the topic. First draft: By November 20, email me a draft of your paper. This should be a finished or almost finished draft (you can include an outline of parts you haven’t completed yet). I will comment on it to help you revise. Include a title for your paper on your first draft, as well as a properly formatted bibliography. See the “Advice for Research Papers” on the next page for more comments by me on paper writing. Blog post: It’s becoming more common for experts to share their knowledge via blog posts. These are generally short and written in a less formal variant of English. They still usually cite the sources of their information. Here is a link to a good example of a blog in the area of Chinese history: the Los Angeles Times China Channel (https://chinachannel(dot)org/) For the blog post assignment, please write about your paper topic in a lively way in not more than 500 words. You should mention (or include links) to your major sources. You can also include links to some images, if you want to. Post your blog post on the discussion board on UBLearns by November 27. Then read other people’s entries and post a few comments before the end of the semester. Final paper: Email me your final paper by 5 pm on Monday, December 11. You should revise your first draft to take into account any comments I made on it or your classmates made after reading your blog post. End-of-class debates: I will have instructions for these after you turn in your prospectuses. Get in touch if you have any questions


Xinyu Dai
Kristin Stapleton
As 391
Reasons and Significance of Zheng He’s Expeditions
Zheng He, a Chinese imperial eunuch, goes to history as one of the Chinese historians that presented unmatched achievements in world history. He led seven ocean expeditions between the years 1405 to the year 1435 for his master Yong Le. Zheng made astonishing mission which was not all surprising their distance but also their value. First, he traveled to South East Asia all the way from China; he then moved to India proceeding to the major trading sites on the south-west coast of India (Wade ,Pg 45). The fourth voyage he took to the Persian gulf however the remaining three voyages Zheng surprised people to move all the way far from India in the eastern coast of Africa. However impressive, it was not new since several Chinese merchants have traveled this far before. One unique thing about the last three voyages is that he was accompanied by seven hundreds of huge ships and thousands of sailors with numerous passengers. No one had ever seen the kind of ships not until the world war I that seen such a number assemble again.
Zheng He was born to the Mahe of the Muslim family that lives in the today’s Yunnan province in the southwestern part of China. The story is told that he was sent there by the first empire with the intention of subduing the south when he was only ten years (Lim ,Pg. 68). The ethnicity, he was trained various military ways and grew up to be imposing and bully man. Zheng was equally talented ways and was very intelligent. He was given literary and military training and that assisted him to be a military leader with a lot of ease. The exhibition voyages that Zheng made were both intentionally and directed for a certain importance.
Reasons for Starting the Zheng’s Expedition
Many reasons might have prompted Yong Le to delegate Zheng He to start the expedition. Fist Yong lee had harbored time ravenous appetite for imperial control of the foreign trade with China. However, people may think in one way, or the voyages remain to have a militaristic diplomatic and commercial nature. The main aim that prompted their establishment was the need to control the maritime trade. This is to mean the naval trade was to be brought into the famous tributary stem and this would mean forcing other countries to comply as long as they fall within the tributary system. The Yong Le’s empire would then create a dominant hegemony over other countries.
Similarly, there was an intention by Yong Le to bring other people within his dynasty to the outside world civilization, to impart in them maximum formal submission. The main people targeted with this were the barbarian section of the citizen who seemed to be lacking the necessary civilization to submit to the authorities. As a result, most of the world emperors had to pay homage to China to seek their blessing in trade and other important international dealings giving China cultural and moral superiority (Duchesne, Pg. 69).
Other theories, however, less popular they are have been coined to explain the real intention of the voyages claiming that the main aim of their initiation was a well-calculated adventure to disclose the location of dethroned Jianwen emperor. This is not confirmed. Other theories also state that the voyages were meant to search for other empires that were enemies of China like Timurid state. This fact is drawn from native China writings of the individuals who were at that time.
Significant Influence of Zheng He’s Expeditionary Voyages
The voyages had several impacts, during this period of journeys, the Ming China was one of the naval powers, and Yong Le Empire had acquired extensive control over the foreign land while expanding the voyages. It created the envi...

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