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Vaccination Of Children: Lifesavers And Protective Measures (Research Paper Sample)


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Vaccination of Children
Vaccination has been a measure of the advancement in the health sector since it was launched in the 20th century. Vaccines are regarded to be lifesavers and protective measures against the spread of diseases. Immunizing children is a crucial approach that should not be ignored. The government and parents should consider immunization as salient national wide lest they put their children at the risk of contracting deadly maladies. Getting vaccinated is better than getting diseases that are taken to be trivial by parents yet incurable. The government should be given this mandate as it ensures that all vaccines are scientifically tested before they are administered to children. In addition, the government has the mandate to formulate laws that can make vaccination be mandatory which will ensure that every child is immunized. Parents, on the other hand, believe that they should be given the responsibility as they understand the health of their children well. This makes it necessary to highlight why the government should be allowed to take charge of the immunization of children.
The government ensures that vaccines are scientifically tested. The government through Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that all vaccines are tested and proven to be safe before they are administered to children. Through its medical experts, it is confident that such vaccines are indispensable for children. It should be given the mandate to decide when and at what age children should be vaccinated. Furthermore, it is clear that some parents are illiterate and do not understand the importance of vaccination. Most parents are ignorant; hence, when given the freedom of choice, they would rather disregard the vaccination process. This will subject children to diseases which are fatal.
The government has the capacity to formulate laws advocating for vaccination as a compulsory exercise. Many countries have adopted this approach as a way of ensuring that every child is immunized. Vaccination of children is a serious issue that ought not to be taken for granted. If the government is allowed to take charge, it will make the exercise to be compulsory through the formulation of laws supporting this. Parents wil

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