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Annotated Bibliography: Articles Related To The Book (Research Paper Sample)


find 3 peer-reviewed research articles related to the book.
Articles are annotated and summarized clearly enough to understand what the book was about.
no need write the paper just take look at the book outline find 3 smilliar articles. Please provide the article name and the articles please.
Fellow the rubrics please.
The reading book is .


Annotated Bibliography
Institutional Affiliation
Annotated Bibliography
Balding, C. (2014). International child adoption law and empirical analysis. Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy, 13.
Balding identifies the history of child adoption in the United States of America. He then indicates the push for laws and regulations that one had to follow before getting a child. These are the same laws that Jessica had to follow when adopting the little girl. Belief in the writer is because of the regulations in rewriting the laws that he cannot violate.
Baudin, T., Croix, D., & Gobbi, P. (2015). Fertility and Childlessness in the United States. The American Economic Review, 105(6), 1852-1882.

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