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The New York Times Health Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


The critique should be 500 words. please do a good job because I have an expository to critique right after you are finish.
The theme for the article must be on health.
You can get articles from good popular magazines, internet, scholarly journals, or notable speeches. Articles provided (or student-selected) need be no more than 500 – 800 words long.

For essays that will be analyzed, your analysis should focus on the following areas:
• The subject of the article.
• The purpose of the article and why you think that is the purpose.
• The primary discourse used by the writer and why that discourse has been chosen
• What are the major devices and techniques used by the writer to achieve the purpose and why these devices were used.
• Give an general assessment of how successful you think the writer has been in achieving the primary purpose in writing the piece.
1. Does this essay present a clear thesis statement?
2. Does the essay contain a number of strong, persuasive points in support of its thesis?
3. Is the essay organized and easy to follow that avoids repetition or confusion?
4. Does the essay present enough supporting evidence to make each of its points convincing? Where could additional examples, factual information, testimony or other kinds of supporting material be added to make arguments even more effective?
5. Will all the supporting evidence be clear to the essay's particular audience?
6. Has at least one major opposing argument been addressed?
7. Does the essay avoid any logical fallacies or problems in tone?
i need the writer to send me the article that he/she use to critique my assignment i need to add this to my work

The New York Times Health Article CritiqueNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
The New York Times Health Article Critique
The title of the article reads, “New Vaccine Could Slow Disease That Kills 600 Children a Day”. The title of the article has been framed in such a way that it draws the attention of the reader. The inclusion of figures in the title makes the reader develop the quest to read more. The vaccine that has been discovered will slow down the disease that kills 600 children in one day. Six hundred children is such a large number and anybody even though you are not a mother or you do not have children who suffer from the disease, can get worried.
The article is meant to inform the people about the discovery of a vaccine. Perhaps the question one may wish to ask before reading the rest of the article is that "Where has this vaccine been discovered?" The question has been answered in the first paragraph. An Indian company makes the vaccine, and it has been tested in Niger where the disease is very common.
The article targets different categories of people. The author uses this information as the primary discourse in providing the information about the discovery of the vaccine. There are the others who might be having basic knowledge about the disease, but there are also others who might not have heard at all about the disease. In the second paragraph, the author of the article Donald Mc Neil informs the reader about the name of the virus. It is known as Rotavirus, and it causes diarrhea among the children who are below the age of 5 years. The use if this primary discou...
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