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The First Part Of The Project: Software Project Management (Coursework Sample)


Tthis should be the first part of the project. Order # 00049501 was Activity 3: Software for Project Management. Please put both work in one file.
Lesson 1
Activity 1: Deciding on a Project
Decide on a project that is viable and can be completed in 8 weeks. This project will be the focus of your work over the next several weeks and will culminate in your final project.
Describe the project, the stakeholders, and what the project will produce.
Activity 2: Decide on the members roles as part of the project management team. You will need to draw on what you learned during task 1 and you may also use the following resources to first discuss within the team the various roles and responsibilities of members. You will develop a team (either real or fictional) and then discuss each person's strengths that can add to the team's success.

Activity 1:
The chosen software project management is the intelligent chat bot that helps in granting artificial intelligence to the computer enabling it to use its own intelligence to answer questions. It is unlike the common data mining processes because the system will be programmed to learn continuously if the answer to the question is not found in the system. The system is handled in a powerful manner to gather answers for the question and the information will be stored for future use. The intelligent chat bot will have a wide range of functionalities and presented with a technology that can make it act like a human assistant.
As the difficulty of the task given to the chat bot increases, the intelligence of the chat bot improves until it is able to make an easy and effortless conversation. The chat bot will have its...
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