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Film Culture comparison between two films and festivals Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Compare two films from two different Film Festivals (2019-2020) and examine the films thematically and technically.


Critical analysis: Film Festival and films

Critical analysis task: Film Culture comparison between two films and festivals 

(write some feelings of yourself: the feelings about the film and the feelings about join the film festival) (reference to academic research)

Compare two films and (at least) two film festivals that will more than likely occur online. Finding the films and the festivals is part of the research. In comparing two films from at least two different film festivals examine the specific aspects of film festival culture and the relationship to the festival curation, audience experience, marketing and promotion. In examining the two different films, analyse what common themes they share and contrast their creative approaches and reflect on their position within their specific film festival, audience responses and any documented film culture artefacts. 

Details: Compare two films from two different Film Festivals (2019-2020) and examine the films thematically and technically. Explore how these films are situated within the presenting film festival - the context, the structure and how the festivals articulate the notion of 'film culture'. Seek to document audience responses or any film culture artifacts (this will more than likely occur online - maybe comments on the festival site or on social media). This can be submitted as a written essay or as video essay with voice-over narration, but with a focus on critical analysis using examples from the two films under examination.

Length: max 2000 words

Additional details: The Comparison should focus on films at two different film festivals and should also address the issues of the Festival context as an impact on the films that you are examining.


  • Written submissions must be typed using 12-point font with 2 cm margins on all sides. The paper/document must be adequately spaced, proofread, and (if applicable) it must use either Harvard (in-text) or Chicago (footnote) referencing.

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Film culture comparison between two films and festivals
In recent years, there has been an increase in not only the number of films being released across the globe as well as the number of festivals. Film festival culture has become an integral part of the film industry (Roy, 2014; Iordanova, 2015). Film festivals offer an opportunity to bring together filmmakers, fans, companies, and other stakeholders. Film festivals are also important due to their contribution to local economies (Iordanova, 2015). The film festival culture is characterized by sheer excitement for cinema as a constellation of art, business, and glamour. There are different meanings and importance associated with each film festival. Suggestively, the differences between film festivals make them unique and attractive to different people. In this context, Iordanova (2015) notes that film festivals offer a comprehensive account of the history, people, films, and other cultural aspects. While some festivals are carried out at the global center stage, others are localized to accommodate a region, state, of country. Despite this, all film festivals tend to focus on celebrating art, promoting business, offering newcomers and opportunity, bringing the cinema to different audiences, and addressing important issues about the society such as racism and LGBTQ issues. Film festivals have also contributed to the changes in global film practices such as fostering ties between companies operating in Hollywood and independent cinema (Roy, 2014). This also offers an opportunity to understand the behind-the-scene practices such as financing, distribution, and evaluation of films. The film festivals are also a platform for new talent, engaging and understanding the interest of new audiences, and highlighting the importance of film in our societies (Iordanova, 2015).

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