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The United States Libertarian Party (Research Paper Sample)


This is the Political Science major's research paper. Follow the instruction, write a research paper about Libertarian Party. if writer needs any information in the BOOK-1, please contact with me. Be careful about material citations and plagiarism.


The United States Libertarian Party
The United States Libertarian Party
In modern day democracies, the issues of change and political stability are intimately related to the advancement of influential political party systems. Takeda (2015) explains that for at least two generations prior to the 1970 dogmatic regime saw the emergence of political systems that were built upon stabilized systems that embraced key social issues such as religion, ethnic boundaries, class, as well as center/ periphery ties. However, Schmidt et al. (2012) reveal that with the inception the post 1960 regime, radical changes were experienced in the political arena of the United States as a result of the alignments, realignments and de-alignment that imposed massive alterations in the previously known continuities.
The Libertarian Party of the United States of America is probably one of the most significant cohorts of new political parties. Seidman (2017) explain that just like the “left – libertarian” political parties evident in other advanced economies such as the Netherlands, France and Scandinavia, the United States’ Libertarian party has attracted higher levels of electoral support since 2000. The Libertarian Party was founded in December 1971 under the leadership of David Nolan with the aim of promoting political ideologies aimed at strengthening the country’s civil liberties, diminishing the scope of government and promoting nonjudgmental capitalism in the United States (Ceron, Curini and Iacus, 2015). According to Spring (2017), the formation of this political institution was fueled by the multiple administrative concerns experienced in the regime of President Nixon, the culmination of the gold standard and the political issues that surrounded the Vietnam War.
Schattschneider (2017) explain that the Libertarian Party of the United States is well known for its infamous critique of the logics adopted by governmental institutions to foster economic developments as well as the policies put in place to infuse compromises between labor and capital in industrial communities. According to Silver (2017), the party bases its ideologies on the premise that the country’s economic development needs not to be considered as a political agenda but as a right to the citizenry of the U.S. Further, the Libertarians’ political ideologies greatly oppose the current fashions of setting administrative policies which are considered to bear a restrictive effect on the democratic participation of centralized groups of interest, political leaders, and the welfare state that is considered to be immensely bureaucratic. As a consequence, the political ideologies of the Libertarians is tailored in such as a way that it is minimally confirmative to the traditional Republicans and the ideologies of the Democrats while upholding the inherent concerns of equality. The current study seeks to undertake a critical analysis of the U.S. Libertarian Party by underscoring the reasons that stirred its formation, the voter groups in support of the party, its activities, and effects since 1971.
The Libertarian Party is the third largest political group in the United States. Navarro (2017) explain that the party was formed with the aim of protecting the US citizens from the detrimental economic effects that result from the tough regulatory frameworks adopted by historical administrative regimes. As a consequence, the Libertarians’ political stands are implemented with the end goal of favoring minimally controlled and laissez-faire economies. On the other hand, Szasz (2017) explain that The United States Libertarian Party fosters political campaigns aimed at fostering proper advocacy for...

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