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College Admission of Sports Students and Academic Values (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The Persuasive Speech
Assignment Instructions
Time: 7-9 minutes
Visuals: 1-2
Notecard: 1
Sources: 7 minimum; minimum of 3 ​must​ be peer-reviewed
Topic Proposal:​ For this assignment, you are to pick a subject that you would like to research and present on. By the due date, please submit to me a proposal—no less than two (2) pages, double-spaced—with the following components:
1. Topic
2. A background on your topic (who, what, when, where, and why)
3. Two peer-reviewed, academic sources that you may use in your speech
(remember, you will need seven sources—at least three scholarly—in your final
4. What makes the topic important, and how it relates to justice
While this component of the assignment does not contribute to your overall grade, failure to complete this assignment means you will be ineligible to write an outline and give a speech. The key to a successful topic proposal is a ​narrow scope (e.g., do not propose to talk about “oil” but rather “why we ought to have/not have the XL Pipeline”).
Annotated Bibliography:​ Having sources and knowing how to use them is important when speaking or writing in any capacity. For this assignment, you will select (at least) five sources (at least three peer-reviewed) that you plan to use in your speech and construct an annotated bibliography. In an annotated bibliography, each citation (you may use APA or MLA) should be followed by a one-paragraph summary of the source and a one-paragraph evaluation of it.
here are the banned* topics for CRS 325:
● Abortion
● Body image in the media, eating disorders, etc.
● Gun control
● Underage drinking/raising legal drinking age/legalizing drugs
● Anti-smoking
● Bullying
● Marriage equality
● Texting while driving
● Animal cruelty
● Greek life
● Concussions in professional sports
● Violence in professional sports


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
College Admission of Sports Students and Academic Values
There is a growing concern on biases that arise in the admission of college students. The main concern has been on low entry levels for students enrolled in sports programs. The primary concern is that universities and colleges are drifting away from their role of fostering education and enhancing academic values to the business-like approach. Competition in admitting the best talents from athletics and other games is lowering the standards of educational values. This has created a need for investigating the present public understanding of college admission programs and the impact of reducing academic admission standards for students because of their talents. There is also a need to understand the social injustices that arise when students that have qualified for university slots are denied entry because their slots are taken by other students that are talented in sports. The present study will seek to explore the issues that arise when colleges lower admission standards in favor of students that engage in games.
Background to the Topic
It is nearly impossible to underscore the role of sports in social, economic, and even personal development of a given society. Games are a source of income for many people across the globe. Learning institutions have also grown to become centers of attraction for high school students because of nurturing talents. Institutions admitting athletes have also played a significant role in transforming the society because of encouraging academic values. One of the educational values is to instill the values of discipline in students. Discipline hardly exists in market environments where there is competition for athletes and sports people. In the recent past, learning institutions have been forced to find measures of striking a balance between risks of lowering admission standards and the quality of education they offer. The problem is that there is still a struggle because learning institutions are tending towards business-like operational techniques. An article “When Colleges Recruit Athletes, Everyone Loses” by Allen published in The New York Times touches on one of the pressing issues associated with unfair college admissions. Growing up, parents encourage their children to perform better in early education. They forget to tell their children that colleges have special admission programs for students that excel in sporting activities. Young people grow up working hard academically only to be disappointed that they have missed out opportunities in higher learning institutions because they do not have special qualifications in sports. Sports career has come to define entry into universities.
The significance of this Study
The present study will seek to benefit scholars, parents, and researchers interested in this topic in the future. Parents will benefit because they will understand the reason why there is always a gap in the graduation standards for students in sporting activities and those that do not engage in sports activities. Additionally, there is also a gap in the level of discipline for students participating in sporting activities and those that spend most of their time in the classroom environment. Another primary purpose of investigating this topic is that it will reveal the level of academic injustice for untalented students that have been denied entry into university even after attaining good academic performance. Researchers will benefit from this study because the study will serve as a basis for future research work in this area. It is expected that parents will also change the manner in which they bring up their children. They will start fostering participation ...

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