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Hip Hop and Social Issues- Research Paper. History and propagation of US hip hop globally (Research Paper Sample)


This course examines the history and propagation of US hip hop globally. Itstudies social activism,
gendered and sexual politics discussed in the lyrics and performance of global hip hop.
***Students are required to write a 6-page research paper--comparing and contrasting discursive and aesthetic issues within Childish Gambino’s “This isAmerica” and Jay Z “Story of O.J. "***


Hip Hop and Social Issues
Due Date
Hip Hop and Social Issues
The US has been quite vocal about social and other political issues happening in other countries all over the world. In the spirit of ‘making the world better,’ the US has gone to the extent of invading some countries and using force to make sure that their agenda or will is upheld. Well, as this has been happening, artists continue to paint a different image of the country and some of the issues it has within its borders. Artists like Ja Z and Childish Gambino have been using their music to tell tales of how the US has certain issues which have refused to go away. Issues of racism in the country, as well as gun violence, have a long history and whenever they are mentioned, endless debates ensue. The songs The Story of OJ and This is America are loaded with many elements which represent some of the issues the US has been grappling with since the founding fathers went to war for it. Aside from racism, the songs dig deeper and approach other topics including gun violence and lack of financial education and freedom among the black people. Additionally, there are also many aesthetic issues in the videos of both songs and these form the main approaches of this paper.
Childish Gambino’s video of This is America starts with a man strumming a guitar and before the first minute elapses, he shoots the man and gives the gun away to another man who wraps it in a red cloth. Gun violence is a not a new topic in America, and with each passing day, the discussion of gun violence takes a new and different turn. After the shooting happens, Gambino goes on with his dancing as if nothing has happened to show how people have become accustomed or complacent to the issue in the country. Like in any other shooting, people get worked up and invested in the topic and immediately move to other issues and other aspects of their lives when the dust settles. 

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