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Casual Argument (The Effects of Divorce on Children) (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Casual Argument (The Effects of Divorce on Children)
There is no doubt that when married couples divorce their children are going to be afflicted. Seeing one's parents divorce brings about different feelings and permanently alters one's belief in a lot of things one of them being the essence of getting married. The truth is, genuine reasons could instigate the divorce, and it could be what is best for the couple. However, while everyone should mind their futures and happiness, the children need to be a part of the discussion. Divorce could be another step or another decision for the parents, but to the children, it is life-changing. A broken home is will not only affect the children emotionally but also socially and financially in some cases. In other instances, it can impact a child's view or perception towards life. Additionally, it can also impact a child's personality as well and lead to changes that had not been fathomed before.
According to Atiles and Julia (2017) research indicates that compared to children from intact families, children of divorced families are more at risk of adjustment problems during post-divorce life. Divorce is essentially a change and often when something changes, people adapt or adjust to the change. For the parents, it could be hard but being emotionally mature helps them to adapt faster. However, for the children, it will take time depending on the children's ages. Divorce is not traditional and therefore, it is often difficult for children to understand it. It is an unanticipated turn of events which alters one's life forever.
Emotionally, children are shaken after a divorce, and some of them end up anxious or depressed. Divorce is synonymous to children losing a parent, a home, a family and they have no control over it, and hence it is not surprising that some may end up feeling upset, depressed, and anxious (Clarke, 113). Divorce emotionally shakes children, and they fear that their parents will or are abandoning them. Every child grows expecting security from their parents. When one parent moves out of the house, children tend to feel lonely and start longing for their presence. Children see all the changes and note the routine changes as well as daily habits. They may not understand it, but they perceive the coldness or feel the absence. While some children move on without major breakdowns especially if they had not bonded enough with their other parent, others do not, and this emotionally impacts their growth. Additionally, some children are depressed, and their behavior changes. Some even start blaming themselves for the divorce and could even try to hurt themselves.
Financially, some children are also strained when their p

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