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Company Markets Itself To The Newly Divorced With A Ring To Sell (Essay Sample)


Identify a recent article concerning marketing, attach it or provide a link to it, and offer a 3-4 paragraph (about 250 words) summary and description of how it relates to the course in the post itself.  The article should less than one-year old and should be from a reputable source.
I need two summary essays in one document of the above requirement (one source for one essay).
Since it will be posted in the discussion part in D2L, so it only need include the body part and citation page (identify information and page number is not necessary).


Marketing Summary Articles
Institution of Affiliation
Summary of “Company Markets itself to the Newly Divorced with A ring to sell” (
The article talks about a marketing strategy meant to introduce a new product to the market; a book about a divorced woman “The Kickass Single Mom.” The event was sponsored by a company that resells used Jewelry. Many people attended the event and they had an opportunity to know more about the product. The article further points out that according to the CEO of the company John Lincoln, previously the company had a negative connotation and spanned it with a positive experience. This shows that the organization meant to redeem its image by creating a different impression in the minds of the public to attract more sales (Alina, 2017).
In this regard, the article markets two items, the book and the company. The article further outlines the means the company utilizes to increase the sales for instance; it mentions the utilization of online sites like the blogs and also partnerships made by the company. The function grants an opportunity for the message of empowerment. Besides, the company takes fee starting at 20% for $5,000 a ring, less for more expensive one (Alina, 2017).
The article has highlighted some of the key strategies that companies use in marketing their company rather than the products. However, companies create new products with differentially new quali

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