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Forster Care Neglect and Mistreatment Research and Cases (Research Paper Sample)


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Forster Care Neglect and Mistreatment Cases
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Forster Care Neglect and Mistreatment Cases
Foster care services are provided by generous parents as charitable social services to abandoned children as well as isolated children. However, even in as much as the fostering parents commit themselves to protect the fostered children as required by law, cases of abuse and neglect and abuse of the fostered children have been on the rise. Statistics shows that widespread forms of abuse include neglect which stood at 75% as of the year 2014 followed by the physical body harm at 17% and sexual abuse at 8% in the United States. In Britain, sexual assaults were little higher as they stood at 11% while physical abuse constituted over 88%. The most recent case of fostered child neglect and abuse was the severely starved children in Oregon as filed by the lawsuits. Cases of fostered child neglect and abuse have been aggravated by the porosity in the law enforcement as the carer is not prosecuted for perpetrating the abuse. This paper suggests that law enforcement should be enhanced to curb these cases of child abuse.
Foster Care Neglect and Mistreatment Cases
Children are the most vulnerable group to most forms of abuse. But out of all the children, none is as more vulnerable as the foster children. Although foster parents are generous parents who out of loving giving and caring heart decide to come to the rescue of abandoned children and should be commended for charitable, humane social service, it is sad that a good number of the foster parents mistreat, neglect, abuse and mishandle these children. Foster parents have failed to protect the children, and their neglect of foster children has exposed the children to sexual predators and abusive adults (Anderson & Marlett, 2014). Foster children, however, fear to report these cases because they fear being further harassed and neglected when their foster parents get to learn of their reporting. They also fear being thrown out of the foster family yet they have nowhere to seek refuge. This paper seeks to investigate in detail the cases of foster child abuse, mistreatment and the neglect over the past few years (Anderson & Marlett, 2014).
In the year 2014, United States recorded three million and six hundred thousand reports of child maltreatment that involved at least six million children (Mathews, Lee, & Norman, 2016). The statistics show that about seven hundred thousand of the children went through three categories of maltreatment; neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. 75% of the children suffered from neglect, 17% were victims of physical body harm while 8% were sexually harassed (Mathews, Lee, & Norman, 2016).
The statistics indicated that most of the vulnerable children are the young aged three and below. Fifteen thousand five hundred and forty-six children died from neglect and abuse. Seventy-one percent of these mortalities were those of children under the age of three and below (Mathews, Lee, & Norman, 2016) (Finkelhor, Vanderminden, Turner, & Shattuck, 2014). Forty-four percent of the children who died from neglect and abuse were zero years old.
Although it is believed that most of the children die from physical harassment, the statistics shows otherwise. 2014 statistics show that 72% of the child deaths were as a result of neglect with a combination of other forms of abuse (Finkelhor, Vanderminden, Turner, & Shattuck, 2014). It is sad that most neglect children still died from neglect even after they had already been known by the Child Protective Services (CPS).
It was further noted that most of the child deaths occurred during the transition from foster parents to the re-united families due to further maltreatment. In the mortalities recorded in 29 states, it was shown tha...
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