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Child Abuse and Neglect Research and Overview Assignment (Essay Sample)


Your essay must include a brief discussion of a policy that addresses the social problem you have selected. Provide a general overview providing definitions when necessary. Include national, state (virginia), and local (chesapeake, va) statistics where appropriate. Your conclusion should incorporate a summary of what you discussed, expressing your professional and/or personal reflection and how it relates to social welfare policies and future implications.
Your essay should be between 3 to 5 pages. Include a title page, use 12-point font and be double spaced. Title and reference pages will not be considered as part of the page count for this activity. Be sure to use APA style format when citing any sources to support your claims. Use at least 3 references from within the past 6 years from journals or approved websites such as those of the US government, research organizations, universities, etc. Wikipedia, CliffsNotes and other study guide sites are not considered a valid source for references.


Child Abuse and Neglect
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Child Abuse and Neglect
The United States Constitution under the cap (CAPTA), Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act clearly defines child abuse and neglect as the state of harming a minor especially after his/her refusal to obey a command by the parent, guardian or caretaker (Price et al., 2012). The United States has actively played an enormous role in the fight against child abuse, and a few agencies have been formed to help in the fight against violence. This paper deliberates on ill-treatment and neglect in America specifically Chesapeake in Virginia.
Abuse and neglect of minors affect many individuals in the community. The maltreatment can lead to the development of complications that might follow the child into adulthood. The adults neglecting the children also suffer mostly as a result of what they experienced as children hence failing to be good parents in the first place. The effects on the children are even worse as they become subjected to drugs and in worst cases become suicidal (Roberts, 2010). In the City of Chesapeake Virginia, the child protective services have adopted policies that match the national ones to try to help children who undergo abuse. They have ensured that they have hotlines, which are readily available online.
A good policy that would play a significant role towards the fight against child abuse and neglect is by making it mandatory for teachers and other professionals who deal with the kids to communicate to the department of social services should they notice any signs of abuse in children. Reporting to the social services is easier due to the provision of a toll-free number that is readily available on their website. Mandatory...
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