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IDEA and Other Laws to Protect Students with Disabilities (Essay Sample)


Adam age 7 years, has been referred by his teacher to the SST (Student Study Team). He has a history of disruptive behavior and poor performance in school. Discuss school nurse assessment steps, possible findings and what information should be shared with the SST. Comment on the usual make-up of a team. Assuming that Adam is diagnosed with ADHD and qualified for a 504 plan, summarize what you anticipate will be written up in that plan. Discuss the likely role of the school nurse in helping Allen. What legal rights/preventions does he have with a 504?
Websites for reference to above question: ADHD and ADD-,,, and
California Department of Edducation,
Nursing Theories:
Office of Civil Rights:


Idea and other Laws to Protect Students with Disabilities
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Idea and other Laws to Protect Students with Disabilities
At some point we have had these experiences; it could have been at the grocery where frustrated parents were calling the names of their children at the top of their voices imploring them to stop what they were doing. Maybe it could have been in a class where a certain child appeared to be daydreaming; the student does not focus on one activity until it is completed. The child might be bored with the activity immediately it is begun and may want to move to something else. The children might be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. According to Rowland et al. (2002), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common and most prevalent chronic health conditions that affects school-age children into their adulthood. In schools a lot of children are diagnosed of the condition and when they are identified necessary actions and interventions need to be taken to help them.
In our case, Adam has been diagnosed with the condition and his class teacher has referred him to a Student Study Team (SST) which is the best action from the teacher. When a child is presented to the SST, he must be assessed and the school nurse should carry out an initial interview with the parents or guardians of the child as the initial step. The interview will form a foundation of the assessment. From the interview, the history of the child will be obtained to help in designing a diagnosis and formulation of a treatment plan. The interview will help in establishing any obstetric or perinatal complications during the birth of the child. Some of the complications include pre-term-delivery and maternal drug abuse which is associated with ADHD (DuPaul & Stoner, 2014). This will help the nurse to get a chronological picture of the child and his full developmental history as well.
After meeting the parents of the child and acquiring the necessary information, the nurse will meet the student alone. This will give the nurse another dimension from the children’...
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