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Alzheimer: Brain Disease And Memory Problems (Research Paper Sample)


Don't write is too well, make some grammatic mistakes, and use ONLY primary sources please. The first page is the cover page and contain the title of my paper, my name, and the name of the course. Can you also do the cover page for me or you can leave it blank, and just do the second part of the paper which is the main text.


Research Design Paper on Alzheimer
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Research Design Paper on Alzheimer
Alzheimer's disease is a serious health issue that negatively impacts patients and their love ones. While Alzheimer disease is considered a disease of the brain and is associated with memory problems, it negatively affects the physical, emotional, psychological health and well-being of many elderly people in the United States (Hood &Leddy, 2013). Since there is still no cure for this disease, it is important for nurses to understand the healthcare needs of these patient/family members so that they can help them to manage the symptoms. Very few studies in the past have been carried out to evaluate the level of knowledge of the professionals regarding Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, there is a need to design a study to improve or enhance education and training of professionals (Prince et al., 2016). This amelioration can be in the form of identification of interventions that reduce cognitive decline and diverting the focus towards the strengths of Alzheimer's disease instead of their weaknesses. Therefore, it is imperative that care staff has adequate knowledge of the needs of Alzheimer patients and their attitude are directed positively towards these patients to ensure fulfillment of their requirements.
Considering the increased prevalence of Alzheimer in the elderly population of the United States, it is important to explore the knowledge and practices of care staff towards Alzheimer's disease so that efforts can be directed towards improvement of psychological and physical health of Alzheimer's disease. An increase in the number of older people means that there is increased number of vulnerable people at risk of development of Alzheimer's disease. This particular research aimed to explore the attitudes and knowledge of care staff towards patients suffering from Alzheimer disease.
Literature Review
Alzheimer's disease is a type of memory loss called dementia. This disease causes problems with behavior, thinking and memory. It is a physical disease that affects the neurological system of brain. In this disease, the proteins get accumulated in the brain and form bundles called as tangles and plaques. Alzheimer's disease is adversely affecting the society by increasing mortality rates in America. It is the sixth leading cause of mortalities in America. In America, five million people are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and majority of these victims are under the age of 65 years (Doerr, 2015). The mortality rates due to Alzheimer's disease have increased up to 68% in 2000 to 2010. These rates are expected to increase two times by 2030. The American Government has spent $200 billion directly to treat the Alzheimer's patients. In this dedicated amount, $140 billion amount was provided to Medicaid and Medicare. The reason behind this increased amount is the association of Alzheimer's disease with other co morbidities. It is difficult for the doctors to treat other co morbidities in patients who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and the family members have to provide or serve as caregivers which further increase the cost of treatment (Braun et al., 2014).
Traditionally, nursing was concerned mainly with healing, but the field of nursing has transformed significantly in the last few decades and nurses today are expected to fulfil a number of roles. However, the most basic and important role continues to be that of a caregiver. Nurses need to probe the development of behavioral concerns with the patients and the caregivers as attending to such disturbances is critical for successful Alzheimer's disease management (Rosdhal et al., 2012).
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