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Psychology Research Assignment: Psychopathology & Diagnosis (Research Paper Sample)


For this discussion we are moving into the meat of class and starting to apply diagnostic criteria. Now that you have the idea of how diagnostics are done, take a look through the DSM-5 and find a diagnosis that is interesting to you. For your contribution to the discussion, please explore:
1) A brief description of the disorder (The basics, please).
2) Some overview regarding the frequency of occurrence in the population (How many people have it?)
3) Identify the primary characteristics (What does it look like?)
4) Identify & discuss some of the diagnosis differentials (what is it similar to?)
5) Identify at least one question outstanding after your review (what do you still want to know?)


Psychopathology and Diagnosis
Psychopathology and Diagnosis
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was updated in the DSM-5 to include experience of affected adults. Traditionally, ADHD was a disorder that was often associated with children. However, despite the fact that the disorder starts at childhood, research shows that it can continue through adulthood for some people. There is no single test for diagnosing ADHD and so the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that physicians should inquire from parents, teachers, and other adults or individual who take care of the child or relate with the individual about their behavior (American Psychiatric Association, 2018).
According to The National Resource Center on ADHD (2018), the frequency of ADHD is between 5.29% and 7.1% in children and adolescents while in adults it is estimated to be 3.4% of the population. In a study done in 2016, about 6.1 million children (9.4%) have ever been diagnosed with the disorder. This includes about 388,000 cases of young children aged 2-5(2.4% of this population), 2.4 million school-age children ages 6-11 (9.6%), and about 3.3 million adolescents aged12-17 (13.6%). This shows that the frequency of ADHD is found among school going children aged between 6-15 years. The number of cases of ADHD increased by more than 50% from 2007 to 2008 and this number continues to increase in 2016 (The National Resource Center on ADHD, 2018).
There are three primary characteristics of ADHD, which are inattention, hyperactivity, as well as impulsivity. The symptoms of hyperactivity are characterized by difficulties staying focused or one is easily distracted. One appears not to listen when spoken

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