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Multiple Article Research Paper: Metacognitive Judgments And Memory (Research Paper Sample)


Read the articles and analyze the topics in each. For each article write 1.5 pages and include summary of article and information about the topic.


Multiple Articles Research Paper
Multiple Articles Research Paper
Article 1
In the article, “When disfluency is—and is not—a desirable difficulty: The influence of typeface clarity on metacognitive judgments and memory” Carole, Alan, and Robert claim that the subjective way that people process information influences various judgments about the specific information (Yue, Castel & Bjork, 2013). For example, things that are continually flowing such as a larger font size are likely to be judged as usual by individuals in a given category. The same case applies to memory predictions because words that are easy to process are often foreseen as more memorable or identifiable in the future. The authors claim that people often feel that the less fluent items are more difficult to keep in memory. However, they say that actual recall if basically unaffected. The inconsistency between memory forecasts, referred to as judgements of learning (JOLs) and performance on the level of learning is important for educators and students. This is because having a more fluent experience while learning leads to greater understanding. So how is disfluency both desirable and undesirable? The authors claim that disfluency becomes a desirable difficulty because while it interferes with perpetual processing of items, it results in higher-level processing that strengths connections with visual and audio information (Yue, Castel & Bjork, 2013). Once these are connections are strengthened, it makes memory better. The authors claim that however, perception disfluency does not always result in improved memory. When the stimulus degrades, it leads to increase in response times for lexical decision tasks. A decrease in sensory function results in lowered performance on cognitive. The aim of the article is to examine the impact of perceptional fluency on the metacognitive predictions in regards to future recall and actual recall performance. The authors concluded that JOLs were often enhanced when using clear words. In this way, the results from the authors show that for highly demanding cognitive tasks, there is reduced visual memory or general impairment in memory. Through blurring of words, the study found that people can monitor a few words from the blurred resulting in more effective memory processing. The hypotheses from this notion is that people make use of different cues to come up with predictions of future learning. In this way, the visual degradation of words might have a direct impact on JOLs depending on how clarity influences memory, even if memory itself is not affected. Therefore, in learning, if a person considers the clarity of a word when involved in JOL, then the clearest words will be remembered (Yue, Castel & Bjork, 2013).
Article 2
The article, “One Hundred Years of the Journal of Applied Psychology: Background, Evolution, and Scientific Trends” is the work of Steve Kozlowski, Gilas Chen, and Eduardo Salas. The article focuses on the Special Issue of the Journal of Applied psychology including its history and the stages of its development. The article argues that the founders of the Journal of Applied Psychology are G. Stanley Hall, John Wallace Baird, and Ludwig Reinhold. The three founders were lecturers at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and they had leadership positions in APA and key APA journals (Kozlowski, Chen & Salas, 2017). The authors argue that the vision of the Journal of Applied Psychology was to extend the application of psychology in other fields of human activity. Early research or material in the journal focused on psychology and the war, mental and pedagogical tests in a civil service examination, mentality testing among college students, issues of race, sex difference on a scale of inte...

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