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Career, Self Grooming, Employees, Job, Employer (Research Paper Sample)


Contain an APA formatted cover page with the title of your topic.
Contain an APA formatted abstract with your research topic summarized.
Contain 8-10 pages of content synthesizing the scholarly literature on your topic or research question(s):
a. At least 10 scholarly references should be used.
b. Literature should be no older than 5 years unless you are taking a historical or longitudinal perspective.
c. Literature should cover differing opinions, viewpoints, and/or schools of thought.
d. The thought leader, guru, or seminal works should be identified and included.
e. Trade publications or opinion pieces should be used sparingly but may be included for a specific purpose such as to show a current event or an industry stance on an issue.
Contain an APA formatted references section.


Employee Career Development
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With the passage of time, it has become essential for the companies to provide their workers with excellent fixed salary, weekly or monthly bonuses and chances of career development. Brands like PepsiCo, Google, and Facebook are dominating the world of business just because they do everything to ease the lives of their employees. Besides providing them with great salaries and commissions, they provide workers with sufficient chances of personality and career grooming. However, people serving in small-sized or domestic organizations often complain that they get no chance of career grooming and are forced to work at the fixed monthly salary, which is a matter of great concern. They seem to be worried about their future as well as the future of their children, claiming that they would quit on the current jobs and begin looking for new ones. In this paper, we will determine how personality and career grooming help employees achieve success in a long-run (Presbitero, 2015).
Keywords: career, self-grooming, employees, job, employer
Employee Career Development
As a businessman, one may like to hire qualified and experienced employees. For this purpose, one will publish many jobs on the internet and expect great results. Just like other established companies, every businessperson dreams of employing the top-notch, talented, hard-working, dedicated, capable, high-performing and well-versed employees. However, finding such people is not as difficult as keeping them intact with the company years after years. One of the major problems employees face these days is insufficient chances of career grooming. They often claim that the management system is not as comprehensive as it needs to be, meaning they are restricted from getting promoted to higher positions. Unfortunately, this is not the problem of a single employee or employees of a single company, but also all workers serving at small-sized firms have similar issues (Fleisher, Khapova, & Jansen, 2014).
The employer must understand that employees would never be happy with salaries, bonuses, and insurance policies only; instead, they want a significant number of career grooming chances or promotions to higher positions based on their performance. If they are not provided with the needful, then the chance is that they will begin looking for alternative jobs or may choose to live jobless for months rather than selling their services for cheap. Across the United States, hundreds to thousands of people are jobless and homeless. A large number of them opt for low-paying jobs considering that these would at least help them earn some money to run the families and keep them busy. However, as time passes and they give their best to organizations, they realize that their hard work is not paying back fairly. The companies they work at grow well often and generate lots of revenues. Unluckily, employers do not bother to increase the salaries of their workers and never provide them with any chance of self and career grooming. It has not been a major issue in the United States, but across the world (Piotrowski, 2014).
If we take the examples of brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, we get to know that they respect their employees as much as they value their family members. That is why once any of these companies have hired someone, he never leaves the job and continues working hard without worrying about pay packages. Michael Porter, a professional businessman, has made his name by working hard. He is one of the most prominent business gurus in the world. According to him, employees deserve better pays, insurance policies, and plenty of chances of career grooming. Without these things, the employer can never be assured ...

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