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The Turnover of New Graduate Nurse; Nurse Manager Preventive Approach (Research Paper Sample)


Please lets build on paper one. just a slight turn on the course of the paper.
We are using the same format as we did last week, but this time a little bit into detail. See below.
The Turnover of New Graduate Nurse; Nurse Manager Preventive Approach.
Nurses are already in shortage, and the turnover of the new graduates leads to overburdening and nurse burnout which eventually has a negative tow on the care rendered to our patients. Could a proposal of providing nursing managers who hire new grad a step by step program to create a strong professional bond with the new grad through monthly meetings, interactive discussions, journaling and mentoring, compared with lack of support for same new grad nurses curb the overturn among new grads at their first job?
WEEK 2 Assignment 
Below is a sample format, answering questions 1, 2 and 3 can be in one paragraph with 4 in a second brief paragraph. Citations are not needed. You repeat the format 15 times with no formal paper needed. 
APA Reference
1) Summary of Article 
2) Research Elements: Design, Methods, Population, Strengths, Limitations
3) Outcome(s): Research Results
4) Significance to Nursing and Patient Care
Below is a example of one entry:
Vogel-Walcutt, J. J., Gebrim, J. B., Bowers, C. C., Carper, T. M., & Nicholson, D. D. (2011). Cognitive load theory vs. constructivist approaches: Which best leads to efficient, deep learning? Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 27(2), 133-145.
This article discusses using two different approaches in military education to determine which theory based approach leads to deeper learning. The authors used computer based simulations of traditional military training. The simulations were the same for each experimental group but the approach was unique to each group. A pre-test/post-test design was used to determine the amount of learning which occurred in each group. The limitations of this study include the population of active duty soldiers who have a different approach to simulation training than the general population and the lack of random sampling. A strength of this study was using the same simulated event for the training with different approaches and using the pre-test post-test design. It was determined that cognitive load theory based simulation instruction provided a deeper learning experience in the most efficient and cost effect way. 
This study is significant to nursing because it demonstrates the strength of computer based simulation. Nursing is slowly utilizing simulation and there is little simulation research in nursing and research outside of the discipline is necessary to determine how to best incorporate simulation. Computer based simulations would allow for asynchronous use of simulations for professional continuing education and employee training. 
(this is a made up example, not a real article or study :)) 
see attachment for the articles.


The Turnover of New Graduate Nurse; Nurse Manager Preventive Approach
Your Name
October 24, 2016
Your Institution of Affiliation
Vicente, A. D., Shadvar, S., Lepage, S., & Rennick, J. E. (2016). Experienced pediatric nurses’ perceptions of work-related stressors on general medical and surgical units: A qualitative study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 60, 216-224. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2016.05.005
This study examined the experienced pediatric medical caretakers felt weak to give quality care to an inexorably intense and helpless populace. Managing numerous and different obligations, and restricted assets and support, were essential stressors. Nurture Supervisors and instructors could relieve stressors and enhance maintenance of experienced pediatric medical caretakers by offering focused on proceeding with training to those recently in charge of extra parts, and building strong workplaces that support coordinated effort and engage experienced attendants. The design of this study is a Qualitative descriptive design with semi-structured interviews. The examination is directed at Therapeutic and surgical units at a quaternary care pediatric healing center in Montreal, Canada. The semi-structured interviews were led amongst August and December 2013. The result of this study is medical caretakers portrayed a solid awareness of other's expectations for giving amazing patient care, and recognized stressor that contrarily affected their capacity to do as such. Stressors are reflected in three subjects: (1) ''The kids are getting sicker and sicker'': Trouble guaranteeing fabulous patient care to an undeniably helpless population,(2) Feeling frail to give quality care, and (3) Being a ''Jack-of-all-trades'': Battling with contending requests.
The significance of this study is that experienced pediatric attendants watching over progressively wiped out and defenseless kids on medicinal and surgical units might be at specific hazard for business related stretch. In perspective of their positive effect on nature of care, and the way that they are especially hard to hold, it is basic to comprehend the business related stressors these medical attendants experience so as to create compelling authoritative mediations to minimize stressors and advance maintenance.
Scott, E. S., Engelke, M. K., & Swanson, M. (2008). New graduate nurse transitioning: Necessary or nice? Applied Nursing Research, 21(2), 75-83. doi:10.1016/j.apnr.2006.12.002
This study researched the impact of individual components, introduction, proceeding with training, and staffing deficiency on the fulfillment, aim to leave their employment, and aim to leave the calling of an arbitrary specimen of new graduate medical attendants from changed offices and geographic areas. It encourage inspected the impact of individual components and introduction on turnover rates among new graduate medical attendants. The discoveries demonstrate that introduction projects are key to the maintenance and fulfillment of new graduate medical attendants. This study was a secondary investigation of information gathered by the North Carolina Center for Nursing (NCCN). The specimen was drawn from among medical caretakers who were effectively utilized and recently authorized by the North Carolina Leading body of Nursing for a period not shorter than 6 months and not longer than 2 years. The members were recognized through irregular stratified inspecting of new graduate medical attendants incorporated into the North Carolina Leading body of Nursing database. Consent was gotten to deidentify and utilize the specimen of 329 medical attendants for examination. Before executing the study, we acquired endorsement from the East Carolina College Institutional Survey Board. The study result was transcendently White and female; the mean age of the mem...
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