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Changes in Religion in U.S. history to 1865 (Research Paper Sample)

The changes in religion in U.S. history to 1865 Must have thesis statement with supporting sources. source..
Running head: RELIGION IN U.S
Changes in Religion in U.S. history to 1865
Changes in Religion in U.S. history to 1865
The issue of religious freedom played a significant role in the history of the United States as religious ideologies and changes in those ideologies have been used in various dimensions including social and political. The religious history of the United States of America started way before the independence of the United States of America. Religion in America was started by British settlers who sought refuge in America with the hope of escaping religious persecutions they were facing in their countries (Clifton, 1960). Most of the colonists wanted a chance to choose religion of their choice and with the arrival of the first pilgrims in America in 1620, the journey for the search of the perfect religion began.
Roman Catholic beliefs had been entranced in most parts of the world including America and the ideals provided the main religious beliefs before the emergence of other religions through the British colonists. The puritans were English Protestants who wished to reform the Church of England and rid it of some unacceptable Roman Catholic practices. They arrived in America in 1630 in large numbers after a series of religious persecutions in Europe. Theologically, the puritans are known to be "non –separating Congregationalist;. To ensure the dominance of Puritanism in America, persecution of nonconformists happened but eventually these ended and other religions stated to appear (Dolan, 2003).
The Quakers arrived in 1656 and are said to have been ...
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