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ENG1131 Research Assignment: Sectoral Bargaining (Research Paper Sample)


“Yes or no? In advance of Ontario's expected June 2018 provincial election, should Premier Kathleen Wynne propose new provincial legislation that would allow ‘broader-based bargaining' or ‘sectoral bargaining' (those two mean the same thing) in disputes between employers and labour in Ontario—specifically regarding employers that are franchisees in the fast-food industry?”


Prepared for
The Honourable Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario
Prepared By: (Student Name)
Senior Consultant
Lamplighters Corp Consulting
February 25, 2018
139 Sparks Street, Ottawa K1P 5B5
Phone 613-563-1509
Website:  HYPERLINK ""
February 25, 2018
The Honourable Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario Legislative Building  Queen’s Park  Toronto
Dear Ms. Kathleen
The attached is the report which you requested advising you on “Yes or No? in advance of Ontario’s expected June 2018 provincial election, should you propose new provincial legislation that would allow ‘broader-based bargaining’ or ‘sectoral bargaining?’
The report has been combined based on the research conducted by the firm on all stakeholders involved in the program and the recommendations highlighted herein.
(Student Name)
Senior Research Consultant

Executive Summary
The problem that led to the development of this report was to provide a comprehensive overview on whether to introduce a new legislation in order to give room for sectoral bargaining in the run-up to the June 2018 provincial elections. After examining the controversy surrounding the new regulation, the yes arguments and the no argument, this report finds an interesting debate on the issue with some arguments supporting the legislations while others presenting contrary opinions.
Upon careful analysis, this report finally recommends that the introduction of a new regulation was unsustainable and should instead be stopped. The recommendation of the report takes effect immediately upon the approval.
Purpose of the Report
The purpose of this report is to advice Honourable Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario on whether the new regulation should proceed or not with regards to the introduction of the new legislation on sectoral bargaining in the run-up for the Ontario’s expected June 2018 provincial election.
In the recent past, there has been widespread developments in the contemporary workplaces, characterized by small workplaces, nonstandard employment, and diversity in employment. Issues have been raised on the labour relations to accommodate concerns of individuals in these types of workplaces including a proposal to include broader-based bargaining legislation in the forthcoming provincial elections. There has been a rising debate on the proposal whether the introduction of the new regulation is sustainable bearing in mind the prevailing labour markets in Ontario where there has been increased low labor wages.
The Scope
We widened the scope of our investigation to include all stakeholders involved in the subject matter. These were labour union members, employers and employees in the franchising industry, as well as policy makers in the labour industry. The entire labour market in the entire Ontario forms part of the geographical scope. Bringing sanity in labour market also forms part of this scope by ensuring that there are mutual relationships between the employers and the employees in the franchising labour market.
Methods of Investigation
Our investigation relied primarily on the literature and other publication relating to franchising lobour industry in Ontario. Quantitative investigations were also conducted so as to get insight of the stakeholders’ opinion on whether introducing sectoral bargaining legislation was sustainable unlike the current legislation.
Discussion of Findings
The Statements of Controversy
The proposed legislation has raised controversy ...

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