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What Are The Benefits Of Learning A Second Language? (Research Paper Sample)


paper need to according to the children and teenager, adult and the old, these three stages to write the benefit of the second language. I finished the first part, if you think it can be improve, then please help me to improve it. Second part about the adult is easier to write, because of traveling, working or improve on working advantages. The third part is to write the old age, second language can improve on mentally, prevent the senile dementia, also it can help for the old people to communicate with the young people, and help the old people staying in the mainstream of the society. In these two aspects, you need to write the part two, which is adult, third part, the old, and a conclusion, need you to write this in 6 pages.


What are the benefits of learning a second language?
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Benefits of Learning a Second language
Throughout much of human existence, civilization of human beings develops rapidly. Human beings' creativities carry great significances for establishing the link between people who come from any race, any culture and any creed, development of civilization and forming of modern societies. In the 0.3 million years ago, the language originally came out, human beings created it, which as a milestone in the history of human being. Language is the most significant tool of communication for people; it is the main way to communicate and talk with the others.
Language is a kind of momentous symbol for the civilization, human being use language to preserve, protect and delivery the achievement of their own civilization in different parts of civilization. In general, every culture or every nation has their own language, in this way, language plays a grand role in the daily life. People communicate with each other to share idea, to process business transactions, to educate; in addition, language penetrates every layer of the society, it has the impact and the effect on politic, economy, technology, education, and culture.
Through the wonders of language, the world gets to develop, and it is more connected than ever before. Thus, speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world. More and more people realized this tendency, and start to learn a second language. There is a natural tendency in the world today that the rich linguistic environment for people is not just native language which is the mother tongue but two or more other languages. Actually, in the modern society, the majority of the population of the world is bilingual or multilingual. When the people learn a foreign language, during this process, they will that they not only just get the language skill, it also helps them to unlock the other abilities. Mastering a second language will carry a lot of advantages and significances for a person whatever he at any age.
Children and Teenagers
Any person below the age of 18 is considered a child because they are dependent on their parents and are unable to make decisions without the intervention of an adult. There is a natural tendency to assume that childhood is an absolutely vital period of time to obtain the knowledge, grasp the abilities and formation of personality and character. This is perceived to be true because children have fewer responsibilities and have a lot of time to commit into learning a new language. It is a well-established fact that learning the language for a child is much easier and better fluency.
The heard of the child could be referred as “sponges,” which means the mentality and intelligence of children are developmentally ready for absorbing knowledge and learning a second language. They do not have any habit or even mistakes in learning a second language, it also can help them use the language fluently, fairly easily and without accent that is influenced by the native language ("Top 5 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit from Learning a Foreign Language," 2014). Childhood, which is a special and significant period time of human beings, because, at this time, the brain is in the status of developmentally forming and absorbing the knowledge and abilities. It is the pivotal timing to establish intelligence and mental competences. Learning a second language is beneficial for children' s brains, bilingual experience would enhance the heard' s so-called executive function which is the system for commanding abilities such as planning, solving difficulties and var...

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