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Differentiated Instruction: A Framework for Success (Research Paper Sample)


-In organizing and synthesizing your literature review, keep in mind that you should proceed from general to specific. Reviews of the most global journal articles and other resources would come first, so that one topic leads logically into the next. As the journal articles and other resources seem more specific to the topic/problem, they should point to very clear and reasonable solutions. If any journal articles and/or other resources refute any of the reviewed solutions, they should be added immediately following the related review. By the end of the review, the reader should be able to understand the rationale for your selection of the topic. You must have a minimum of 10 professional articles, six of which are research studies and four of which are other professional pieces of writing on the topic.
Attached are the list of references and a description of what each resource is about.
The typed document must include APA-formatted citations. Include a page (or pages) called “References” (no quotation marks) at the end of this paper. Make sure that your in-text reference citations and reference list are in APA format. [Remember: only references cited in the paper are included in the reference list. And nothing should be in the references list that is not in the paper.]
-You have an introductory paragraph telling the reader the topic that will be your focus and its importance. You have clearly stated a well-defined topic/problem statement … What is the problem you are trying to remediate or question you are trying to investigate/answer?
-You have a minimum of 10 professional journal articles on your topic of focus or closely related area (6 studies; 4 other professional writings).
-You provide commentary and analysis of information from the articles. You compare and contrast information among them (not just summarize main points or list information from the articles one by one.) You end with some type of summary statement about the review.
-Subheadings guiding the reader through the document, particularly if the document is lengthy or includes sub-topics.
-Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are appropriate for a graduate-level assignment. The document is written in 3rd person, with no mention of “the writer”, “the researcher”, etc. Cover page template was followed. Paper is formatted with 1” margins all around and written in 12-point Times New Roman.
-APA style guidelines are followed for in-text citations.
-References page is included, following APA style guidelines.
*** I want the paper to based on what makes quality differentiated instruction and what makes it successful. 
Please use the title: Differentiated Instruction: A Framework for Success


Differentiated Instruction: A Framework for Success
Differentiated Instruction: A Framework for Success
The difference in the background from which children are brought up influences their level of learning. These backgrounds can be characterized by their culture, beliefs and other socioeconomic elements. These factors make the children have different learning abilities when they go to school. There are those who are fast learners while others have a challenging time to get basic learning. It is important to ensure that the abilities of these diversified children are addressed through learning techniques that are not discriminatory (Dixon, et al., 2014). Instructors are required to identify the learning ability levels of their students and tailor-make their teaching to suit the needs of these students. Differentiated instruction is a form of learning that provides different concepts, contents and ideas to teachers on how to ensure all students in the class learn effectively (Santamaria, 2009). Through differentiated instruction, the students in class are handled differently to ensure that they gain what is taught. The teacher identifies the interests of individual children after he groups them together depending on their ability. This makes teaching and achieving learning outcomes easy. This paper looks at differentiated instruction and how it influences success in learning.
Background of differentiated instruction
Different individuals learn differently not only in the elementary levels, but also in the institutions of higher learning. This requires that the approach used to carry out teaching to enhance learning varies from one student to another. Differentiated instruction aims at using a number of methods, but the goal is to achieve the same learning objectives (De Jesus, 2012). Differentiated instructions aim at imparting different skills to the students to make learning easier for them. However, differentiated instruction cannot achieve its objectives if it is not guided by sequential steps. The skills of the students, interest, and ethnic background influence the effectiveness of getting what is taught by various students. Differentiated learning requires that teachers are creative and apply innovativeness in coming up with better ways to impart the skills they have to the students (King-Shaver, 2008). To understand the levels of learning and understanding among students, teachers can use Math tests or other related tests from which the scores are considered. It takes significant time for results from differentiated instructions to yield the expected results. Through patience, the required results are finally achieved when the students are able to understand the topics they are taught though at a slower pace. In the beginning of every academic year, a teacher is expected to go through the profile of the students to ensure that he understands their...
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