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The left brain vs the right brain: how does this impact learning (Research Paper Sample)

I wasn't sure what subject area this would fall under. Please contact me with any questions. Three to five (3 -5) pages of text, not including the Title or Reference page Written according to the APA style and format; A minimum of four resources used, cited in the paper, and included in the reference page; source..
THE LEFT BRAIN VS THE RIGHT BRAIN: HOW DOES THIS IMPACT LEARNING Name: Course: Professor Name: (December 23, 2011) The left brain vs. the right brain: how does this impact learning The brain is a complicate part of the body; however scientists continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding it and how it functions. Through research scientists are able to explain the functions of the brain and more significantly the left and right parts of the brain. The human being has a hemispheric dominance which is the right and left parts of the brain; while the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. The corpus callosum connects the hemisphere and is involved in sharing information at the same time the celebral cortex accommodates the human rational functions (Chiarello, et al. 2011). The right and left parts of the brain has very distinct functions and have different abilities in the way the impact the learning process. This paper tackles the left brain vs. the right brain and how it impact learning in humans. The human brain is responsible for the thoughts, memory, actions, experience and feelings in a person; this is the reason that makes it shape the human life. In understanding the brain anatomy then the function can be understood. The uppermost layer is the cerebral cortex which covers the cerebrum; this part is the gray matter which is responsible for thinking, producing and understanding language and perceiving. The cerebral cortex is also responsible for personality, motor function, touch, planning, organization and intelligence (Hugdahl & Davidson 2002). The Cerebrum is the largest brain part and contains almost two thirds of the total brain mass. It is also the most developed and has the right and left hemispheres which are responsible for movement, posture and balance. The right and left hemispheres have been used as a basis to explain the lateralization of the brain. It indicates that each part has its function that consequently affects how individuals learn. Neurologists and psychologists argue that when one part of the brain is use by an individual then he or she can accomplish certain tasks more effectively than using the correspondent part (Hugdahl & Davidson 2002). The left side of the brain is identified to be sequential, linear, symbolic, verbal and logical it is also able to develop information based on facts. It uses logic to give a clear picture of all infor...
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