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Thermal burn Health, Medicine, Nursing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


ethical dilemma paper: male patient has burns on over 50% of his body and is going in and out of conciousness, when awake he stated he does not want to proceed with life-saving measures, he has no living will or advance directive in place, his wife is present and wishes to continue life-sustaining measures. ethical dilemma must reference ethical values such as autonomy, altruism, non-malificence, veracity, fidelity, benificence, etc. and have 6 peer reviewed sources within the last 5 years. must be done in apa 7th edition format. all thought not my own must be cited in text and referenced. need it to me by 10:30 p.m. EST. ****CANNOT BE WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON, must be 2nd person or 3rd person.


Ethical Case Paper
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July 28, 2020
Understanding the rules and regulations when it comes to deciding about a person’s healthcare is important for any nursing practitioner. It allows him to be able to make a more objective decision based on a set of circumstances that would be in line with the different virtues of ethical nursing. In this paper, the author would discuss the role of these virtues in the case of a patient who has suffered severed thermal burns and is on the brink of death. This analysis would include the different variables that must be considered by a nurse practitioner in making his decisions. All in all, the author strongly believes that although patient autonomy must be given priority in making one’s decision, it is the nurse’s responsibility to determine whether these decisions would be the best for a patient’s long-term well-being.
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