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Devise Product Unlimited (DPU) Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Identify an ethical issue in the case study. First discuss the issue and the ethical dilemma it creates. Prepare a recommendation to Thomas on the decision you think he should make. Consider the ethical impact of the decision justifying your approach.
For this assignment, do the following:
Locate three peer-reviewed articles in the CSU-Global Library on ethical decision making.
Read each article and consider your own opinion of the issue.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper offering a decision based on the facts in this case. Consider the ethical issues involved in your decision and justify your approach.
Be sure to use effective written communication strategies to convey your ideas.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 2-3 pages in length.
Include at least three outside sources, in addition to properly citing information.


A case study of Devise Product Unlimited (DPU)
Students Name
Health effects and general employee rights are one of the most significant ethical issues that bring about dilemmas to organization leaders. Most of the issues that are related to this topic are had to deal with because the leadership is always at a crossroad between the interests of the organization and the rights of the employees. In issue two, a severe dilemma comes up, and a delicate ethical problem arises. The question of ethical decision-making comes up because there is a thin line when employees are willing to work in such conditions because they want to maximize income. Another issue is that if Thomas terminates the contract to protect their rights, they will be out of employment, and the result is negative. Whichever the decision Thomas makes it wills either save lives while destroying livelihoods or the vice versa. The essay seeks to help him arrive at an approach, and a decision the will solve the ethical dilemma.

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