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The key role of the immune system in psiorisis. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Where are doing a group paper and my part is to talk about The key role of the immune system in Psoriasis. APA format with at least two sources.
Thank you so much!!


Key Role of the Immune System in treating Psoriasis
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August 8, 2018
The Immune System
Being an autoimmune condition, the body’s immune system plays a fundamental part in the development of psoriasis. Usually, the body’s immune system only responds to threats such as viruses and bacteria. Under normal conditions, foreign bodies (including dead cells and tissues) are recognized by accessory cells while white blood cells do the work of ingesting and destroying them. Mainly, there are two main types of WBC’s in the body, the phagocytes, and the lymphocytes. While there are different types of phagocytes, almost all of them function as the initial defense for unrecognized foreign bodies in the bloodstream and the interstitial fluids (Murrell, 2018). In contrasts, lymphocytes (B and T lymphocytes) serve the body, by keeping track of any foreign bodies that have already infected (or existed within) the body in order to provide a quick response against them.

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