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Informal Writing on “Shots in the Dark” (Coursework Sample)


Informal writing: Listen to "Ruining It for the Rest of Us"
Listen to NPR This American Life, “Ruining it for the Rest of Us”
First, write a brief summary of the three stories you heard.
Then, address the following in a second paragraph: Define the expression "a bad apple." How can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch? Give an example from your own experience. Explain how the three stories relate to Project 2(Collaboration-Group Project) and collaborative work.
Your response should be thoughtful, reflective and demonstrate that you understood the material.


Informal Writing
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In the “Shots in the Dark” is a story explains how a seven-year-old boy returns home from a trip to Switzerland is infected with measles. He is infected because his parents had refused to vaccinate their kids against the disease. By the end of the day, all the children are infected resulting in more than 60 kids quarantined. The story “Tragedy minus comedy Equals Time” explains the story of a comedian by the name Mike Birbiglia. The comedian destroys a cancer charity event by performing poorly. He recalls it as the poorest performance in his lifetime. He is later improvised on cancer. Lastly in “Disturbing the peace train” it is a rule that in the US railroad a cell phone is not supposed to ring or even talk with your friends. Nancy Updike a commuter between Washingt

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