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Cell Biology And Genetics: Tissue Ischemia & Hypoxia (Case Study Sample)


Integrate knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan with the clinical implications for the advanced practice nurse.

Case Study: Cell Biology and Genetics

Be sure to integrate your knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan with the clinical implications for the advanced practice nurse.


1. Make sure all of the topics in the case study have been addressed.

2. Cite at least three sources; journal articles, textbooks, or evidenced-based websites to support the content.

3. All sources must be within five years.

4. Do not use .com, Wikipedia, or up-to-date, etc., for your sources.


Cell Biology and Genetics
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Question#1: Identify two reasons why Maria will have tissue ischemia. How might this lead to hypoxia?
Tissue ischemia is one of the most common types of cell injury and has been extensively studied in experimental animals and humans. It is usually caused by issues with arteries, veins, and capillaries and can lead to hypoxia and other similar complications. We know that oxygen is carried to cells and tissues through an organized process and insufficient blood or oxygen supply can cause suffocation in elderly. 68-year-old Maria has gained lots of weight; her blood vessels have lost their elasticity with time, and she was unable to move from one place to another without the help of her children or grandchildren. Gaining so much weight at this stage of life is quite risky, and it looks like Maria didn't pay any attention to that (Steven, 2014).
Apparently, she has high chances of developing tissue ischemia which might lead to hypoxia and anemia in coming days. Without quick intervention, tissue ischemia may progress to her cells, brain cells and stomach. The chances are that she will develop limb paralysis too, so proper and timely treatment is mandatory for Maria. She should first get diagnosed and request her doctor to help her prevent the disease. While cleaning her house, Maria gets quickly tired because the blood supply to her nerves is irregular and her arteries and veins are sensitive to hypoxia. She may also suffer from anemia in future, so her doctors should prescribe medicines that help Maria get rid of tissue ischemia as soon as possible. Compared to invertebrates, vertebrates have increased body mass and sophisticated metabolic activities. Adults like Maria who gain weight rapidly are often asked to do exercises or brisk walk. Ischemia tends to injure her delicate cells and tissues than does obesity (Matthews, 2014).
Question#2: What two early and reversible changes occur in tissue cells when they are hypoxic?
Nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids and glucose, and oxygen enter cells across cell membranes. In Maria's body, ischemia resulted in an insufficient flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. If the situation persists, she is likely to develop brain stroke or heart attack. Her blood vessels and brain cells are constantly losing their flexibility and elasticity, and this is the right time when doctors should get Maria admitted to ICU. Unfortunately, being an old-age and obese woman, Maria is not even able to move from one place to another by her own (Chung, 2015).
To resolve this issue, she should either keep her children with her all the time or hire a nurse who can help Maria enjoy day-to-day activities. Cell damage occurs as a result of adverse stimuli which disrupt normal homeostasis of infected cells and tissues. It is either because of physical and chemical reactions or due to biological, immunological, nutritional and infectious factors. We should notice that cell damage is reversible depending on the health condition and severity of the disease. It means if Maria's condition is serious, she would have to use heavy medicines for a couple of days as her body cells can be destroyed any time. But if she is at early stages of

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