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Toulmin Analysis of Anita Creamer’s We’re an Unmannerly Bunch (Coursework Sample)


Read the passage below and provide a brief Toulmin analysis of the piece. Identify the parts of the essay by using the Toulmin Model terms (Claim, etc.).
Anita Creamer: We're an unmannerly bunch, survey says
By Anita Creamer -- Bee Staff Writer
Rudeness has become the American way of life. Please feel free to blame one or more of the following:

Nonstop talking in movie theaters. Or, equally offensive, the bleat of cell phones during the show. Inconsiderate cell phone use in general -- in theaters, restaurants and churches and on the road. Road rage. Bad driving, with or without accompanying gestures. The use of four-letter words in what used to be thought of as polite company.
Poor customer service, in person and on the phone. Anonymous e-mails. Worse, e-mailed jokes sent to long lists of people, a form of communication that basically says, "You don't matter enough for me to converse with you personally."
These days, we're not very nice people.
In a study released last week by the nonprofit group Public Agenda, 79 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed described Americans' lack of manners as a serious national problem. Almost 75 percent said that Americans used to treat each other with more respect and consideration.
You know, back when the world was young, and we understood that the proper response to service was "Thank you" -- and the proper response to "Thank you" was not "No problem."
Longtime readers will recognize a familiar column theme here: the slippage of American manners and the coarsening of our daily lives. Imagine how rewarding it is for a well-regarded national survey to validate the long-held impression that as a country we're steadily becoming more self-centered and less civil.
"They can survey this stuff till kingdom comes, but is anything going to change?" says Mavis Friday.
Well, no. But now we can quantify our complaints.
A retired state Senate employee who lives in Rancho Cordova, Friday has her share of observations on the manners front.
For example, she says: "Parents aren't talking to their kids. And parents don't stand for anything any more. They defend their kids no matter what they do."
Lots of people blame the parents -- 84 percent in the Public Agenda study -- and lots of people blame the kids.
But many older folks aren't any better mannered these days than the youngsters they like to complain about. Been to a movie matinee lately? The retirees aren't exactly letting the paid entertainment cut down on their personal chat time.
The problem is the inevitable vicious cycle. Being surrounded by ill-mannered people has rubbed off on the rest of us, at least a little bit. Some 40 percent of the people in the Public Agenda survey admitted to acting rude on occasion. Most of the other 60 percent, you have to think, were kidding themselves.
And so civility slips another notch.
Kim Matranga, owner of the Chocolate Decadence stand at Market Square on Arden Way, is remembering her rudest customer.
"When the shop was in Old Sacramento, I had a tourist come in," she says. "I was scooping ice cream for her, and she hits me on the top of the head and says, 'Not that much.'
"She hit me like I was her little servant."
That's not good.
"I have to say, people are more demanding now," says Matranga.
All Sandra Newton wants is a bunny Beanie Baby for one of her daughters, and she's very nice about asking Matranga to help her. She's noticed the national level of bad manners, too.
"People just seem more selfish now, like they don't want to be bothered," she says.
Rudeness on the highway isn't her issue; rude cell phone use is.
"I work in a pharmacy," Newton says. "Customers walk up talking on their cell phones, and most often, they won't hang up. They expect you to wait on them while they keep talking. I think that's really rude."
It is. Let's add it to the list.


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Toulmin Analysis of Anita Creamer’s We’re an Unmannerly Bunch
Analyzing arguments could be difficult in varying cases due to the different styles and techniques used by authors in their rhetoric. Nonetheless, the Toulmin Model provides an interesting and efficient way in order to understand how the author presents his own views using several techniques to persuade his audience. In this article, an Toulmin analysis of Anita Creamer’s newspaper article entitled ‘We’re an Unmannerly Bunch’ would be done. By using this model to divide the article into different sections, I believe that a more insightful understanding of Creamer’s arguments could be deduced.
The Claim
In her article, Creamer presents the argument that being rude (or ‘unmannerly’) has always been the norm for American people. A contention that is different from the common belief these days that older Americans are mannered people as compared to younger ones who are rude and unmannerly.
In presenting her data, Creamer observed the general behaviors of Americans. Behaviors that range from a simple day-to-day interaction (e.g., bad driving) to formal deeds in the workplace (e.g., e-mailed jokes). After identifying these kinds of interactions that could be observed in our daily lives she proceeded by providing a quantitative data from a study conducted by a nonprofit group Public Agenda. Accordingly, the survey showed that “79 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed described American’s lack of manners as a serious national problem”. This shows that Americans are indeed rude in general without

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