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becoming an athletic trainer (Research Paper Sample)


Each student will complete a written research report on an interesting/potential career in fitness, exercise science, health promotion, psychology, or nutrition.
The report should include a detailed personal plan to entering the field including a detailed timeline of all major and minor milestones needed (ie, transfer to university, graduation, certification exams, job prospects, etc.) This timeline should be individual to the student a start from the current date. Please be realistic as this could be a great guide for you in the future. Your research paper should also include educational requirements your goals, certification(s) needed or desired and potential types of work for this profession, places of employment, and potential salary. You will also need to explore and find 5 current job listing in the area of your interest. Include pro's and con's of the job postings.
If you are not currently seeking an exercise science related career please choose a profession that interests you and use a hypothetical scenario where you are a student seeking that profession.
All research should be completed using reputable sources which should be included in a works cited page. Citations will be completed using APA standards
In-text citations are required. A minimum of 5 sources must be used. This research paper should be 4-5 pages (12pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1" margins). The job postings should not take up more than 1 page of the document. Your timeline may be in list and describe format rather than paragraph form.


Becoming an Athletic Trainer
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An athletic trainer works in collaboration with physicians and nurses to prevent or treat medical complications involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. This paper highlights how to become an athletic trainer and earn sufficient from this field. Depending on his position level, an athletic trainer may get chances of working outside the country, and sometimes he has to work on evenings and weekends to accomplish his tasks. This person is primarily responsible for taking care of his patients and providing them with all basic or advanced treatments and medications. Just like doctors, athletic trainers are required to perform their tasks efficiently as various patients are depending on them for their health, survival, and recovery from the illness (Kummer, 2009).
Some of the major duties of an athletic trainer are identifying and evaluating wounds and injuries, developing and implementing multiple rehabilitation programs, providing patients with first aid or emergency care, and working hard to come up the expectations of both the patients and hospital authorities. Athletic trainers must be experienced and capable enough to work with patients of all classes, ages, positions, and backgrounds. When it comes to applying for a job, most common employer are physicians' clinics, educational facilities, hospitals, fitness centers, sports and recreational clubs, and military or sports teams (Vause, 2012).
Due to their tough job responsibilities and day-to-day tasks, athletic trainers require sufficient experience and formal education. We should not confuse an athletic trainer with a fitness expert, because these are two entirely different professions. For instance, an athletic trainer specifically serves injured people and helps them get cured. He provides his patients with free advice on how to ensure their safety and health for a lifetime. In contrast, a fitness trainer has nothing to do with injured or disable people. Instead, trains healthy individuals, helps them get rid of obesity and remain fit and provides them with tips on diet. A degree in this field is a must for employment, and every state has its own criteria or rules to hire athletic trainers at the governmental level (Feldman, 2011).
Qualifications needed to become an athletic trainer
Just like a doctor or nurse, an athletic trainer is healthcare professional who diagnoses and treats injured or disable people. He also provides them with advice on how to get rid of stress and anxiety and how to strengthen their musculoskeletal system. Plus, he teaches injury prevention methods and techniques to not only his patients but also to sportspersons and people working in physically-demanding jobs. A bachelor's degree in health and fitness or relevant field is compulsory to become an athletic trainer, and if you want to work at a higher level with an increased salary, then you may be asked to complete your post-graduation and gain sufficient hands-on experience (Kummer, 2009).
Subjects such as biology, physiology, nut

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