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What Is A Monitoring And Evaluation Plan? (Research Paper Sample)


1. Introduction - a brief description of the main ideas
2.Body - discussion of your main ideas with examples.
3, Conclusion - summary of what you discussed.
Question: 1. What is a monitoring and Evaluation plan and what are its components?
2. Why is a monitoring and evaluation plan relevant to program evaluation? Critically discuss


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Monitoring can be defined as an organizational function that is continuous, and which encompasses the use of systematic data collection on certainly predetermined indicators for purposes of providing program managers and other key stakeholders with indicators for program progress, the accomplishment of program objectives as well as the program effectiveness (Seasons, 2013). Thus it involves scheduled tracking of inputs, outcomes and the impact of the program on the target population. On the contrary, Evaluation refers to the process of establishing the importance of a development initiative, or program, the relevance of the program objectives and the efficacy of the program design and implementation, efficacy of resource utilization, program outcome sustainability and lessons learned (USAID, 2011).
Discussion and Analysis
Monitoring and evaluation can thus be defined as a process that helps organizations to assess and track development progress for purposes of enhancing performance and program outcomes (Systems, 2012). The primary objective of monitoring and evaluation is usually to improve the existing management processes with the aim of improving future outputs and outcomes.
What is a monitoring and evaluation plan?
On another hand, a monitoring and evaluation plan can be defined as a document that is used by policymakers to track and assess the outcome of a specific intervention initiative in the entire period of the program (Seasons, 2013). The M &E plan is critical and hence requires constant updates. Program monitoring and evaluation plan is an important tool used by organizations to improve the quality of the existing programs. It is essential in the improvement of program outcomes for the population served. A monitoring and evaluation plan is an important document used by policymakers to not only track but also evaluate the outcomes of intervention programs throughout the program life cycle from inception to implementation. It includes specific documents that are developed in the process of program planning.
Components of a monitoring and evaluation plan
A monitoring and evaluation plan comprises of 12 components. These components are critical for the effective use of the document. The first component of a monitoring and evaluation plan are organizational structures and designated functions which outline how the M & E plan will be coordinated(Systems, 2012). This component defines the internal organizational organ that will oversee the M & M function. This component underscores the importance of M&E and elaborates its purpose and roles within the organization's leadership hierarchy. The second M&E plan component is the human capacity for monitoring and evaluation. This component defines the importance of having qualified M&E personnel within the functional unit. It defined the importance of having adequate human resource capacity to handle M & E functions and also underscores the significance of continuous development of the M&E personnel through training.
The third component of an M&E plan is a partnership for planning and management of the monitoring and evaluation function (Seasons, 2013). This is a critical component since partnerships for monitoring and evaluation usually supplement the internal M&E initiatives given that they help in validating the effectiveness of the internal M&E function, besides determining whether or not the M&E functions are well aligned to the set objectives. The fourth component of an M&E plan is frameworks for implementation. This is an important component

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