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How Technology Has Impacted Globalization (Research Paper Sample)


Subject Title: Globalization, sustainability and innovation


Technology and Globalization
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How Technology has Impacted Globalization
The world is increasingly becoming interconnected and interdependent than ever before. Today, a person can work for a company which is located halfway across the world at the comfort of his/her home. A person can also do a face to face conversation with a friend or relative who is thousands of miles away in real time. Today, someone can visit another continent in hours and sometimes they can make to be home for dinner. These things were impractical several decades ago. Air travel which revolutionized transport and empowered humanity to travel faster than ever before is likely to be replaced by a new mode of transport through space which estimates that any destination on earth from any location on the planet will be in less than an hour (Koren, 2017). It may sound impractical but historically some of the aforementioned things were unimaginable few decades ago. This is the power of technology and the aforementioned examples are some of the ways it has changed our world and brought us together. The world has shrunk into a village in terms of human interconnectivity. According to (Sreenivasulu, 2009), technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes to get desired results. Humans have been researching and experimenting with technology to find out how to sole various problems through technology. It has led to globalization which is defined as ‘the increasing worldwide integration of economic, cultural, political, religious, and social systems. Economic globalization is the process by which the whole world becomes a single market. This means that goods and services, capital, and labor are traded on a worldwide basis, and information and the results of research flow readily between countries according to (Oxford Reference, 2018).' Therefore, technology has been the main driver of globalization and it has continually been changing our world.
Positive Impact of Technology on Globalization
Globalization is one of the effects of technology. Some of the industries where technology has changed the world is through; transport and communication.
Transport technology
Almost every mode of transport has been changed in the world and it has become faster, more reliable, comfortable and increasingly cheaper. The first invention of man regarding transport was the invention of the wheel and shortly after, boats and ships were invented. This mode of transport alone eased transport of goods and services in the ancient world and globalization can be traced back to the inception of these ideas. Several millennia later, the railway transport, automotive, planes and air transport were developed. All these modes of transport depended on several inventions which were built on previous technologies. Since the industrial revolution, the world changed and the need for faster transport was necessary to support the industries and enable movement of people. Mobility of labor was necessary in the industrial ages and though it has slowed lately due to teleworking, it was one of the main drivers of cultural integration due to increased interaction of various cultures. The movement of people and goods since has increasingly became easier and faster. Lately, there are maglev trains which are the fastest man-made land-based transport system that is almost capable of reaching the speed of sound. Air transport reached a point of crossing the Atlantic in less than three hours several decades ago using the decommissioned Concorde planes. Now, several companies are developing technology which would make us travel through space and land on floating pads near our destination making travelling to anywhe...

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