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Performance Of Homeschooling And Traditional Schooling (Research Paper Sample)


This literature review should focus on statistics proving whether children who have been homeschooled have less academic success and if theyre prepared for college. All references attached should be used , emotional advantages or disadvantages can be mentioned but the paper focuses on academics of children who have been homeschooled versus attending public school

Literature Review
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc485624235 \h 22.0 Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc485624236 \h 32.1 Factors affecting performance of homeschooling and traditional schooling PAGEREF _Toc485624237 \h 32.2 Equal performance results PAGEREF _Toc485624238 \h 52.3 Rights to education PAGEREF _Toc485624239 \h 62.4 Uncertainties of homeschooling PAGEREF _Toc485624240 \h 72.5 Outcomes of Homeschooled students PAGEREF _Toc485624241 \h 102.5.1 Academic achievements of homeschoolers PAGEREF _Toc485624242 \h 112.6 Benefits of Homeschooling PAGEREF _Toc485624243 \h 132.7 Prediction of college performance of homeschooling PAGEREF _Toc485624244 \h 152.8 Challenges of homeschooling PAGEREF _Toc485624245 \h 163.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc485624246 \h 17References PAGEREF _Toc485624247 \h 18
1.0 Introduction
Homeschooling is the new norm in the academic industry because it is an alternative avenue for students and parents to acquire basic and advanced education. For this reason, there are alternative ways in seeking for an academic degree that is now sprawling online. Many households believe that there are several benefits that can be acquired through an online academic program. People in the western hemisphere are closely associated with this practice, in which most academic institutions are now opting to use another sphere of academic curriculum that offers homeschooling programs. This paper will be discussing a literature review on the outcome of homeschooled students by exploring on the statistics proving whether children who have been homeschooled have less academic success and if they are prepared for college.
Home education or also known as homeschooling is a form of an alternative education for students that apply at home. This is done through an online-based education program that is now regarded as the most common as the traditional tutorial way of teaching children or students inside their homes. Most families start a traditional academic curriculum by allowing their students to attend schools on a regular basis (Wilkens & Sonnert, 2015). However, due to several factors affecting numerous circumstances, there are households who opted to choose a home schooling program for their children. This is also applied to individuals who have no time to attend school from work that is why they apply for a modular program in order to cope up with their academic curriculum at school or at work. Home schooling is argued as having lower accuracy rate for students than those who traditionally attend their classes at their respective schools due to concentration and focus to lessons (Forrester, 2016).
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Factors affecting performance of homeschooling and traditional schooling
Human resource factor indicates that the performance is based on the ability of the instructors to provide a sustainable educational program. If the professors are highly skilled for homeschoolers, students from either homeschooling or a traditional schooling background, their students will show a significant improvement with their grades and outperforms either the two dimensions of educations (Kunzman & Gaither, 2013). These are the variety of professional background that are not usually available to cater home schooling and the difficulty of accessing homes of students who are enrolled under the home schooling program. Another reason why there are questionable issues regarding the efficiency and the accuracy of homeschooling is attributed with the lesser support of government for regulating homeschooling program for academic institutions (Forrester, 2016).
Cultural reason is one of the factors wherein education is important. This is because there are trademarks that a community follows so that the future generation replicates the accomplishments of their elders. For this reas...
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